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DMSO: Possible cure for Crohns Disease and Ulcerative Colitis


I was diagnosed with Crohns disease and Ullcerative Colitis almost three years ago. In the Unites States about 1 million people suffer from these diseases. After controlling the disease using prednisolon, the inflammation returned within a couple of months. This repeated for three times.

I then knew prednisolon wasn't going to cure me, so I decided to find reasonable alternative treatments. I started searching the internet. I found a couple of interesting pages, one of which I will discuss further below :
Proposed Biochemical Cause and Remedy for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

This article is written by David Gregg, Ph.D.. David is now retired after performing research for more than 30 years in a national laboratory. He developed a personal fascination for treating a broad range of physical and mental problems using nutrional supplements.

One of his friends suffered from Crohns Disease. The medical doctors and physicans weren't able to stop or cure the disease. Because of the pain and anemia she wasn't able to work fulltime anymore. He decided to help her. He started by doing literature searches and thinking deeply about the disease. He identified two new potential approaches. These approaches are revolutional and have never before been used.

Within a month, she recovered her physical strength, her abdominal pain was gone and she started to work full time again. That was in February 1995. She's still doing fine (more than five years later) !

The new approach

Quote from David Gregg's article :
The first thing I did was to mentally separate the primary, complex cause of the disease from the damage mechanism, which I hoped may not be so complex. I then focused on the damage mechanism, which I hoped would be more amenable to a simple solution. I reasoned that the damage mechanism was very likely hydroxyl radical attack on the intestinal cells.
From reading the medical literature, I discovered that there was considerable evidence that this mechanism might be a primary cause of colon cancer. They are well known to have the capability of destroying cells through oxidative attack and I thought Crohn's Disease might be another expression of their damage.
A literature search identified more than 15 publications in the last five years in which the authors also felt this might be true.

This is summary of what he discovered :

In healthy people, the iron that's in your food, is transported from your intestines into your blood. Iron is needed for creating hemoglobin (red blood cells). The picture below illustrates this :
  Normal Iron Transport in healthy persons  

Because of some unknown reason the transport mechanism, that should transfer iron into your blood, is defect in persons with Crohn's Disease.
Update (Feb 1,2001): The body's natural responce to an inflammation/infection is decreasing the iron transport from the intestines into the blood. This is done because bacteria need iron for growth. However when the inflammation is INSIDE the intestines, this defence mechanism works contra productive.
This causes the following situation :
  Defect Iron transport causes iron build-up in intestines  

Iron is a catalyzer in The Haber-Weiss reaction :
  The Haber Weiss Reaction :  

Simply said : A big amount of iron in your intestines creates a very big amount of hydroxyl free radicals !
Free Radicals can do substantial damage to your intestine cells.
As a result, your defence system initiates an attack on itself : The intestine cells. An inflammation is the result !
  Free Radicals destroy intestines cells !  

Even worse, the bone marrow, which is responsible for creating hemoglobin, doesn't receive any iron anymore.
Without the iron, it can't create red blood cells and thus the person gets anemia as a bonus !
The bone marrow sends a message to the intestines : "Please dissolve more iron and transport it to me !"
The intestines starts creating large amounts of soluble iron. It can't be transported to the bone marrow however.
Result : This is a vicious cycle, you won't be able te break !

Update (Feb 1,2001): The iron in the intestines causes a second problem. Because of the excess of iron in the intestines, the bacteria in the mucus of the intestines will thrive. It will completely destroy the natural balance of bacteria in the intestines. The bacteria start producing acids and the intestines cells have no protection for that. So, the amount of digestive enzymes also decreases rapidly.

The Solution

The main target is breaking the vicious cycle.
David Gregg discovered DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) has (among many others) the following properties :
  • 1. DMSO can be readily oxidized to dimethyl sulfone. DMSO has one oxygen atom and dimethyl sulfone has two.
    In the presence of hydrogen peroxide it can be oxidized, picking up one oxygen atom, converting the hydrogen peroxide to water.
  • 2. DMSO increases the number of transferrin receptor sites.
    Transferrin is responsible for transporting iron from the intestines into the blood.
Simply said :
  • 1. DMSO "kills" the hydroxyl radicals. (It's a free radical scavenger/antioxydant)

  • 2. DMSO activates the iron transport mechanism, which is defect in persons suffering from Crohn's or UC.
    Iron is the catalyzer of the Haber-Weiss reaction. When the iron is removed from the intestines, the Haber Weiss reaction won't work anymore.
    No more hydroxyl radicals are formed, so the vicious cycle is broken !
    Is it as simple as that ? Yes, it might very well be !

The Test Case

It's all a very nice theory, but does it work ?
  • On David's website a couple of people posted a testimonial.
    Testiomonials.. Read them here

  • I'm currently trying it myself.
    In one week's time I've gained two kilo's in weight !
    The second week I gained another kilo on top of that !

  • A person in the has posted his positive results !
    He's able to do exercises again, which would normally make him feel really ill !
    Quote: After the first three days, my flare up has calmed down a whole bunch (I mean alot!)


The first thing you will need to do, is obtain the product.
In the United States it's not so difficult.. DMSO is sold in almost every health store around the country.
Use one that's at least 99% pure.
In Europe, the pharamcies do have it, but you will need a prescription.
Most physicians won't prescribe it, because they don't know the product.
So, you will need to order it in the U.S.A.

Where to buy:

1st Choice Products (sends the DMSO to almost every country)* mail order in the U.S.A.*

* Please note : I'm in no way connected to any of the above stores...

Apply it topically to your abdomen, one teaspoon (about 5 grams), two or three times every day.
In about a month, maybe less, your inflammation will be gone.
DMSO is very powerfull solvent. It goes through your skin directly into your blood !
So please be careful :
* Always wash your hands and your abdomen very carefully !
* It will itch a bit. Apply a very small amount of water on your abdomen before applying the DMSO.
The itching is caused by the dehydration.
* You can also try to use DMSO in an oral way.

I wish you all good luck.
Please read the entire story on David Gregg's Site before using this..
Please note: This treatment won't work for everyone and I'm not responsible for anything.
According to David Gregg's site, this treatment will work for about 80-90% of the Crohns and UC patients.
The other 10-20% should try melatonin. Read it on David Gregg's site..

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