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Sungazing and electrosmog sensitivity

Friday, May 28 2004 - Filed under: General

From the eSens newsgroup:
>Hi Ed,
>just wondering if you have noticed if sungazing makes you more
>when I abuse of sungazing (44 minutes) I have noticed that I become
>extremely electrosensitive, so much that I can't stand staring at
>the computer for 20 seconds nor staring at the platic white
>blackboard of my classroom illuminated by white fluorescent lights.

Hi Flavio,

I've never abused sungazing, so I can't tell if it would worsen my sensitivity. I've now reached 25 minutes and 50 seconds and do it using the Hira Mankji protocol of increasing 10 seconds per day.
I notice the opposite: Because of the sungazing I feel much more energetic, and the better and energetic I feel, the higher my tolerance to EMF.
I think the worsening of sensitivity might be due to the abuse, as 44 minutes is quite a long time and I think you might be ''overloading'' your system.
It might also be that you're opening energy channels because of the overloading and hence the disturbing frequencies can easier penetrate your body.
It's important to go step by step and increase the energy/light capacity of the human body stepwise.

To all others:
You're probably not familiar with sungazing. It's a method of increasing one's energy, mental and physical health.
By looking at the sun each evening or morning (near sunrise or sunset, such that UV is low) and starting with 10 seconds per day and increasing by 10 seconds each day, you can overcome lots of mental and physical ailments.
If properly done (adhering to the Hira Manekji protocol above), I think it reduces electrosmog sensitivity because it increases health in general and helps your body detoxify.
Here are some references of interest:
Hira Manekji's website:
More on sungazing: and and and
Two recent survey results: and

Take care,

The Netherlands

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