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Coma and determining if a person is still alife

Wednesday, July 07 2004 - Filed under: General

I read in the Assemblage point book, that it's quite easy to see if a person who's in a coma, is still ''alife''.

The assemblage point should be on the center of the chest in a healthy person.
At birth it's at the navel, because that's the point through which we're assembled. Up till 7 years of age, it's moving around in the body through the meridians. When we're 7 years old it should have risen up to the chest and it should stay there for optimal health.

The navel, however remains an energetically weak spot; There's some kind of energetic ''black hole'' out there.

When the assemblage point passes the navel, the human soul leaves the body and that's the exact moment a person passes away/dies.

To determine if a person is still alife, while in coma, we could determine the assemblage point location (which ass.point therapists can). If it's below the navel, then the physical body is just an empty shell as the soul has left the body. If it's above the navel, the person is still alife.

Even though a person might seem unconscious, it's soul isn't and it can read our minds, so by thinking thoughts towards your loved one, while sitting next to the bed, you can probably communicate with him/her.

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