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More information on the assemblage point and progress-report so far.

Tuesday, July 13 2004 - Filed under: General

Below is a message I sent to the sungazing newsgroup.
I'm very interested in knowing the relation between the assemblage point and sungazing.. Here goes:

>How do you determine where this point is?

Hi L. and all others,

I hope you don't mind this rather long (and slightly off-topic) message. I think most of you will find it interesting.
The small on-topic part is on the bottom of this message ;-)

It's a special technique that can be learned as long as the person is sensitive to subtle energies.
I find the technique of locating and shifting the assemblage so fascinating and promising that I've decided to do the course soon.

In the book there is one technique that might work:
One extra person (A) is needed to do the locating for you (B). A. to be in good health and has to be sensitive to subtle energies.
Optimally, A should have the optimal assemblage point location as there are quite some ass.point locations which will inhibit proper locating ass. points (due to imbalanced in the energy flow or imbalances in left/right brain fucntions, etc)

Person B. should stand straight, with the head straight. He/she can take off his/her shirt to make it a bit easier. But cotton shirts can be kept on if preferable. Synthetic clothes must be taken off however.

A. then stands besides person B such that A looks at the right shoulder of B, while looking to the right side of the person.
A. shapes his/her left hand as a bowl and his/her right hand as a point, bundling all energy from all fingers, including the thumb.
A. holds the bowl-shaped left hand very close to the back of B.
A. holds the point-shaped right hand in front of the chest of B.
A. holds both his hands such that an imaginary ray emanated from the point in his right hand will hit the bowl-shaped left hand, going through the chest of B.

Now, A moves around the chest and abdomen area (above the navel) in a circular fashion and tries to detect subtle energies differences.
Making sure that his/her left and right hand move in parallel, such that the imaginary ray goes from the right hand to the left hand (through the chest of B).

Once a spot is found A. can move the right hand closer and closer to the chest and can eventually touch the assemblage point.
When B is sufficiently sensitive, B will feel it when the right spot is found.
A can slowly move his point-shaped hand over the chest and should be able to feel the energy differences near the assemblage point and can hence pinpoint the exact location.
Be aware that a person can have two- or even three assemblage points. For example in bipolar depression, there will be the two (right-high, right-low). The same for schizophrenia (but on other locations: high-right vs high-left).

The optimal spot is when the assemblage point is located on the center of the chest, near the thymus gland.

Please note this is a translation from the Dutch ''Verzamelpunt'' book, which in itself is a translation from the English Assemblage Point book.
I was also told that this technique is outdated and hence I will learn a new, better technique during the course I will take in a few weeks.

I also noticed that the person who located and shifted the assemblage point for me, used a special kind of breathing technique.
He used a different technique, using only one hand to feel where the ass. point is, while subtly touching the chest/abdomen area between the navel and the neck.

In the book it's also written that some people are actually able to just *see* the ass. point location.
So far, I've been unsuccessfull locating the ass. point using these two techniques described in the book, but I was able to feel subtle energy differences, but those were too weak for proper locating.

If you want to know more about this, I suggest you pick up the book ''The Assemblage Point'' from Amazon or other bookstores. It's a very interesting book, and even though the techniques for both locating and shifting are a bit outdated, it still has loads ofi nteresting information.

A typical case such as several are decribed in the book, is what happened to my youngest brother.
He used to be addicted to smoking joints, was very difficult to talk with and he was broke and had no income and no real intention to get out of the situation.
I talked him into having his ass. point shifted and he had two locations:
One was a couple of centimers below the optimal spot. This one explained his low energy level
The other one was moved to the high left: This explained his tendency to try each and every drug and his tendency to become addicted and also his odd perspective on reality, always conflicting with my and our parents view of reality.
After a few days I asked him how he felt. He said he felt a bit more relaxed but otherwise wasn't able to feel any differences. Soon after he complained that all this mumbo-jumbo I was talking him into wasn't helping at all.
Then things started to change, a 2-3 weeks later ( which is the typical time it takes for the new ass.point. location to have real effect). He told us he had stopped smoking joints.
A few days later he was running across the city to find a job !
Today will be his first day at his new 5-day-per-week, 8-hour-per-day job and he hasn't touched a joint in over 5 weeks now.
When I talk to him he seems like a new person. He used to be quite depressed and stressed all the time, now he's just plain relaxed. In conversations he's able to understand my point of view. Beforehand he would disregard it at once, because his perspective on life was quite different.

The book is full of such case studies. The most impressive are the ones w.r.t. schizophrenia which can be healed for a very large part by just shifting back the assemblage points.
Also, dyslexia seems to be curable by shifting the ass. point location (it's too far to the left, which implicates excessive right brain function and less left brain function and hence dyslexic people have great ability to think in pictures or in 3D, but are unable to work with characters/words).
With cancer, the ass.point is always very low and chemo-therapy and radiation therapy will move it even lower. If it's very close to the navel already, you can predict if a person will survive such therapies (once the assemblage point moves below the navel, that's when the soul leaves the body).
With Multiple Sclerosis, it's quite low and a bit to the right. With chronic fatigue it's a bit higher (but still way too low) and also to the right than the MS location. Because of the very low ass.point location with MS the body will loose control of the muscle/nerves. The low location with M.E./chronic fatiuge is what causes the low energy level. Heavy metals intoxification can move the assemblage point down. By just getting rid of heavy metals in the body, the assemblage point won't move back automatically (although it is possible, but very rare).
I feel that for each and every disease it makes sense to reset the assemblage point location, besides ofcourse also looking atand resolving physical/emotional/spiritual causes.

My location was a bit low, but still in the center.
I personally feel I have more energy, I feel more robust and balanced, and I am not bothered by depressive thoughts which I used to have every once in a while.

Here's the on-topic part: I really wonder if the assemblage point will ''automatically'' be at the optimal location after reaching 44 minutes of sungazing.
I would think so, because I believe complete healing won't be possible without regaining the optimal ass.point location. But it would be nice if someone could confirm this.

Take care,


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