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Information on assemblage point and Q: Does sungazing affect assemblage point location

Tuesday, July 13 2004 - Filed under: General

This is a message I sent to the sungazing newsgroup. It's about the question if sungazing will make an angry/violent person emotionally healthy again.
One response was that the Nazi's even did sungazing and that also very violent societies used to do sungazing.
I wonder if following HRM's protocol of 9 months sungazing will shfit the assemblage point to the optimal, central position and hence dissolve anger and violence in a person.. Here's the message:

I'm currently reading a very interesting book, called the Assemblage Point.
The assemblage point is the energetic center of the egg-shaped energy field around us.
In a healthy person, it should be positioned on the thymus gland, on the center of the chest.

Before birth, it's located at the navel, and that's the point through which we are assemblaged, both physically and energetically.
At age 0-7 it's moving around, trying to find a fixed spot.
At age 7 it should have found this spot and if the youth was beneficial, it should be located on the chest.

(Emotional) Trauma's, intimidation, infections, heavy metals, medical drugs and recreational drugs can all alter the assemblage point location.
An altered ass.point location means that the person views the world from a (completely) different perspective. It also alters the strength and size of the energy field around us.

Check the chart at to see what kind of symptoms are common with different ass.point locations.

My assemblage point was shifted a few weeks ago. It was a few centimers too low and lay over my intestines.
I think that's the reason why my intestines are such a weak spot in my body.
The location is also characteristic for low energy, and a bit negative perspective.
At that time I had sungazed for quite some time and had reached about 26 minutes per day sungazing.

Most people in the Western Wold have an assemblage point location shifted to the right of the chest. This means they're more rational and are more or less unable to think emotionally or to use their intuition/feelings.
In The Netherlands a very common location is to the right and also a bit lowered, which is the typical burn-out location.

In the army people are confronted with an almost tiranic training regime with lots of violence and intimidation, both verbal and physical. This forces the assemblage point to the right. This disables the emotions in the body and turns a person in ''mindless'' murdering machine. Resetting the assemblage point will give a soldier back his humanity and emotional feelings.
On the other end of the spectrum is the brain washing going on in sects. This moves the assemblage point to the far left which gives psychotic experiences, halucinations and makes people very unrational and very easy to influence.
The same applies here: Correcting the assemblage point location to the center will make them see the truth.

Another interesting observation in the book is that high energy releases, like with kundalini or with tantric yoga, can offset the assemblage point location for good or for worse.
So, people who are experimenting with these techniques should keep in mind that when they noticably feel different after the experience, that they might want to check their assemblage point location.
Also meditation can offset the assemblage point to the left.

My experiences so far, show that for me, the assemblage point location hadn't returned to its optimal location on the chest after 26 minutes of sungazing.
If that's a correct observation (and it applies to other people as well) this could mean that 26 min. sungazing doesn't change mental attitude/perspective/tendency towards violence, etc.

But I think that the assemblage point might move to the (semi-?)optimal location when the HRM protocol is followed to the end (44 minutes).
I for one won't be able to verify that anymore, because my assemblage point is still on the right spot since the last shift (I needed 2 shifts and I can feel it's in place). Perhaps someone else who has reached 44 minutes can confirm this by going to an assemblage point therapist..

I wonder if other people have experience with the assemblage point.


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