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Assemblage Point vs. Hamer New Medicine vs. Reich orgonomy

Sunday, July 18 2004 - Filed under: General

I posted this to the New-Medicine YahooGroup recently:

I believe Dr. Hamer's work is very promising. I haven't been able to study it alas.

I do see parallels with other treatments, which I'll elaborate on below.

If I'm correct, Dr. Hamer's New Medicine states:
When a trauma happens, a weak spot emerges in the body and also in the brain.
Dr. Hamer learned how the exact location of these weak-spots correlated to different types of emotions.
If the immune system gets weak, these weak spots can evolve into tumors.
By getting over the trauma by talking and processing it, you can heal the weak spots and then heal the tumors.
The spot in the brain will heal also then.

Well, I recently learned about the assemblage point shifting treatment.
A very short summary: The assemblage point is the energetic center of the body.
Its location should be on the center of the chest, near the thymus gland.
At birth it's located on the navel. At age 7 of a healthy child it's located at the chest. At age 0-7 it's a dynamic spot, still moving around.
For optimal health the assemblage point should stay at the center of the chest for the rest of the life.
Trauma, injuries, infections, drugs and medications can create a huge energetic ''shock'' in the body which can offset the assemblage point location.
The energetic center of the body then moves and this alters how a person looks at the world, how much energy one has and it also changes the energetic shape and strength of the egg-shaped energy field around the body.
A large list of symptoms can be correlated to different assemblage point locations:
For example: M.E. means a low-right location. M.S. means an even lower, but also right location.
Cancer patients always have a very low location. Bipolar depression has two assemblage points, one to the right and one low-right.
Schizophrenia patients always have two locations. Left-high and Right-high.
At death, the assemblage point travels past the navel and that's the exact point where a person dies.
Interesting: Both chemo-therapy and radiation therapy move the point downwards. If it's already quite near the navel, it will mean death.
A very simple technique is used to shift back the assemblage point. A special crystal is used for this purpose.
I've experiencied a treatment myself and I'm very impressed.
After a trauma happens, it's important to shift back the ass.point ASAP to prevent disease from manifesting.
I wrote a few short reports about my experiences and what I've learned so far on my website,

Check these links for more information: (report of my visit to therapist) (more info on ass. point) (even more info and some thoughts) (using ass. point to determine if a person is still alife) (an interesting technique w.r.t. sinusitis which I found in the book)

By the way, the book I've read is The Assemblage Point by Dr. Jon Whale:

For much more information check out: or for Dutch visitors, please check .


I've also read several books by Wilhelm Reich.
He also knew that specific emotions/trauma's were correlated with specific locations of tumor-formation.
He even detected different types of bacteria on these energetic weak-spots.
Orgone is what he called this energy of life, or life-energy.
On the weak-spots this energy wasn't vibrating healthily anymore and this is what he called deadly orgone (DOR).
An interesting note is that this orgone is all around us and high frequency electric appliances like monitors, televisions and cellular phone masts disturb this energy and transform it into DOR and also an overly excited type of orgone, called oranur.
Anything that's radioactive also has this effect on the orgone around us, even when it's shielded in a lead container.
High concentrations of DOR in the sky (Reich developed machines to see this) are correlated with very dark thunderstorms and tornado's.
Reich used a special type of physical-and-emotional therapy to let people let go of their emotions/trauma's burried inside (at the place where the energetic weakspot is located).
On the places where the energetic weak-spot is, the muscles are very tense and that's why he called the retention of armors *inside* the body ''body armors''.
He knew where a specific trauma would be, so he would apply a special massage at that position of the body to get the energies moving at that place. Combined with counseling he was able to heal people that way.
He also built a machine to recharge the orgone energy in a person. Alas, he discovered, the cancer would only heal if the emotion was released completely. The machine did help to suppress the disease, but eventually the emotions need to go otherwise the person will remain ill.

More on this can be found at:
Chapters 5 till 11 of his book on Orgone:


Please be aware, I've only touched the surface of all three above mentioned treatments/theories.
I think they're all three valid and promising, but by combining them we could get some amazing accomplishments.

Please give the references above a look and let me know what you think about it.

The Netherlands

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