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Immortality Rings intro

Thursday, July 04 2002 - Filed under: General

Read here on how to make these rings yourself:

I've constructed my own Immortality Rings according to the plans on
Alex Chiu's site . I bought 4 ceramic magnets from the hardware store nearby and taped them on my little finger as described in Alex Chiu's article. To my amazement I could immediately feel a strange tingling sensation in my finger. I also had very lucid dreams last night and more amazing: My stool was perfectly dehydrated and formed !

My brother had even more amazing results:
* More dreams
* Bloodflow increased
* Better detox
* Senses improved considerable, up to the point that my brother woke up several times because of it
* Hearing improved that my brother started to get annoyed by the background hiss of the amplifier
* Vision improved to the point that he could read the time on his alarm
clock without putting on his classes (-7,-7, alarmclock 5 ft away)..

This confirms the experiences by the people who wrote the testimonials
on Alex Chiu's site !

The Immortality is nothing more and nothing less than two magnets on
each little finger. Alex Chiu, who had studied accupuncture knows a lot
about the chi-flow in the body and invented this very simple, but
amazingly effective ring. On the left hand the magnets are oriented
South-Up,North-Down, one above the finger and one below the finger.
On the right hand the magnets are oriented North-Up,South-down one
above and one below the finger.

Please don't take my word for it, but just go the hardware or
electronics store and buy yourself 4 magnets and apply them this way
during your sleep, using some plastic tape to attach them.. You will be
convinced after just one day.. But be aware of the detox: Your urine
will smell bad and get very concentrated and there might be other usual
detox symptoms..

According to Alex, over time, after several months, you will start to feel and look younger and younger, until over time you look like an 18-year old again ! That's why Alex calls them the immortality rings.. Amazing !

The rings also have very powerful effects on even the most devastating
diseases, like fibromyalgia (check the testimonials on )..

I think the magnets open a gate in the body that allows the chi/orgone
to flow freely to places where it hasn't been before, thereby
eliminating disease, just like Reich's Orgone Accumulator does..

Please check it all out here.. The site looks very clumsy, but Alex
Chiu is probably right on this one:
Alex Chiu's site

Please note, this is not spam, this is not fiction, this is for real..
Alex Chiu has invented a very interesting health device..
Alex Chiu doesn't make much money out of it, because he's published his patent on the site and allows people to make their own.. If you don't
want to build your own, you can buy them from his website using a
creditcard. I advise to first start with ceramic magnets, and then
later on upgrade to the neomydium magnets and later the foot rings..
These are very, very powerfull and will create massive detox symptoms
when you use them cold-turkey..

If your heart is in bad shape, please don't try it, because it stresses
the heart a bit: There is a noticable increase in metabolism and thus
heart rate involved with the healing..

Good luck, I will keep you updated of my further progress..

The Netherlands

Read here on how to make these rings yourself:


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