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Meats and fish: Not so good afterall ?

Tuesday, January 07 2003 - Filed under: General

My latest findings (revolutionary) suggest that vegetarianism and veganism (and even breatherianism) *is* possible..

Disclaimer: The info below is quite ''over the wall'', just like some of my other mails..
Just read it with as many grains of salt as you feel is neccessary to prevent you from thinking I've gone whacko..
Some of you might consider this off-topic or a religious message.. If so, please press the Delete button...

Here is a summary of my latest findings:

My view on meat has changed drastically lately..
Here is a short summary of my latest findings:

>I've done some reading in the Rosicrucian archives and am considering to
>stop eating meat and fish.. Even though eating fish and meat has
>primarily positive effects in the physical plane, I am starting to look at
>the effects on the spiritual plane..
> A very short introduction:
> According to the rosicrucians (and many other groups), we have both
> a physical body and a vital body. The first is the body you and I see
> in the physical plane.. The vital body is also known as the ''aura''
> and some people (including me) can see the aura around a person.
> One simple reason to not eat meat is the following:
>The Rosicrucians say that animals are to be seen as our little brothers
> and sisters, they're just a bit later in their evolution...
>The reason to not eat meat is even larger: When an animal is killed,
>it's vital body leaves the physical body and what is left is matter, but
>without life energy.. Also, the meat of the animal has the energetic
>signature of the animal in it and the human body must do quite a lot of
>work to ''reformat'' this energetic signature.. Plant matter remains its
>life energy and this energy feeds the vital body of the human.. It also
>has no ego and the human body can utilize the plant without much
>energetic effort..
> Check the details (Table of Contents) here:

Eggs don't have the above ''problems'', so I decided to swap to eggs for my protein needs..
I take 2-3 raw eggs a day.. I just eat them without any preparation..
Just like Mercola writes,

Please note, I have no proof of the above information from the Rosicrucians, however, I've read more books that say something comparable and I think it makes sense..
Also, I have some personal experiences that confirm (some of) the above...

More on this life-energ (orgone, ch'i, prana, etc):
Summarizing, meat is virtually void of most life energy. Plants are full of life energy, the more organically grown, the more life energy..
This life energy can be meassured with a bio-photon meter.. Seeds contain huge amounts of life energy..

One interesting aspect of seeds: As the life-energy is matterless, this energy can't be meassured in weight.
However, during the growth of the plant out of the seed, it seems like the energy is converted into matter.
Using the following experiment, one can proof something odd is happening:
Put a seed in a sealed steel tube and weigh it beforehand.. Next, let it sprout, and after it has sprouted, check the weight again..
What you will see, is an increase in total weight.. This can't be explained by regular biology or physics.. (no matter is added, so the weight can't have increased)..

According to the Rosicrucians, the vital body (which is full of life energy) is the builder of the physical body..
I think the vital body can render atoms out of life energy.. That's why people, eating a ''living'' diet (meaning: lots of life energy in the food) can thrive even though they couldn't according to the ''laws'' of physics and biology..
These people are probably converting their life energy in the vital body into essential atoms...

Now, a big leap towards the ''Breatherians''.. They breath in the ''prana'' (orgone, life energy, etc) through their nose.. In the nose this energy is assimilated..
Next, in the pineal gland the energy is distributed to the vital body.. Next, the vital body takes care of the physical body..

If this is correct, we all live on life energy, but the only difference is the way we get the energy:

* We get the life energy from the foods we eat
* Breatherians take the life energy from the air

The life energy is everywhere around us, also in vacuum.. This is also the aether, which Einstein denied existed, but he was wrong and he knew it..

Note: By cooking vegetables a large part of the life energy is disappearing, together with the moist..

This theory probably also explains why meat rots so quickly, while plants don't rot easily, especially when they're organic.. Cooked plants rot quite quickly however..

What I will do is the following:
I will stop eating meat and fish for a while and swap to raw eggs for my protein need.. I will let you know how I fare.. If the Rosicrucians are right, I sould feel more spiritual :-)

I hope I didn't loose you somewhere in this message,

Take care,

The Netherlands

Update June 16, 2003
I posed this topic in the live-food discussion group and got some interesting answers.
Check it out yourself here:

Summary: Clairvoyant people don't see this problem with eating meat as the energy/soul in the meat dissipates after a short while.. Be sure to read the replies to the above message.. Quite interesting..

Update November 2010
I just read this post and I must have forgotten to give it a follow-up (2003). After about two months of being a vegetarian, I noticed no difference in how I felt and I also started to miss eating meats more and more. So, soon after I started to eat meat again. I almost exclusively eat organic meat, some (almost) raw and some cooked and I also eat a dozen eggs a week.

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