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Nowadays, the average age of death is a lot higher than before the advent of agriculture ?

Saturday, July 05 2003 - Filed under: General

Many people often argue that nowadays people grow much older than in the past, before the advent of agriculture.

Although it is true that the *average* age of death is a lot higher than in the past, it isn't true that people didn't grow old in the past. In fact, I think we might even have grown older in the past than now.

In the Paleolithic age, people didn't eat grains, sugars, potatoes, vegetable oils, etc. They ate animal fats, animal proteins (meats, insects, raw and some cooked), fruits, some vegetables and nuts.
The were taller, stronger, healthier men than we are now. They had perfect teeth, perfect bones and most modern diseases were totally unknown to them. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diseases of the arteries and the heart, cancer, many mental diseases, etc were unheard of.

So, these people didn't die from heart attacks, from seizures, from cancer, Parkinson, asthma, or whatever. If they died, it was either from old age, or from a natural cause. When, during hunting, they would get hit by a bear, there was no 911 to call. When they would be bitten by a snake there is no paramedic who would give an antidote.

So, the chances of getting really old were lower than nowadays. *IF* they had access to the same paramedics we get help from when we break our arm, then they would have lived to an age close to or over 100 years I think.

Many people also think mankind was pathetic, ill and small in the past, but that's based on the medieval / dark-ages period. People were extremely small back then, as they didn't eat enough protein, or food in general. And what they ate was (luckily unrefined) grains, definitely not fit to grow into a healthy person. Because of the cities with the open sewage system, the horse shit all over the roads, etc, infections and plagues were very common. These *were* the dark ages allright.

As hunters / gatherers, like in the Paleolithic, people would never get in touch with such foul places as cities. They would live in the wild and eat from the foods that were available there: Animals, insects, some veggies, some berries, some nuts.. That's it.

These people, from the Paleolithic, looked like the top-athletics from the current age: All of them ! They were much taller than we are now, they had perfect muscle mass, had perfect jaws and teeth, and lived in perfect health. The Weston A. Price foundation has some really nice information on the few tribes on this planet that still live this way: Their health is unsurpassed and very much comparable to the health of paleolithic people.

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