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My first analysis of my RBTI figures (correct or not ?)

Saturday, April 26 2003 - Filed under: General

This is my first analysis of my RBTI figures. It's not showing great detail, but it's a start. I also posted it to the RBTI newsgroup at . There will probably follow some follow-ups with interesting info.

First important update 26/4/2003: I interpreted the cell debris test wrongly. I do see very few particles when the urine is held up to the light. That means it's a 4M rating and not a 0.4M rating. It's all replaced below now..

Second update 26/4/2003: It's very important to also list my length, besides my weight.. It's 6 feet, 1 inch or 185cm

Third update 27/4/2003: I misinterpreted the nitrate nitrogen wrongly. I received another colour chart which matched immediately. The chart in Beddoe's book doesn't match at all, as the colours are inconsinsent with my reading

Fourth update 27.4.2003: Another test is added. Today I started the protocol and had some fruit as breakfast. See how my Brix level gets *lower* while I eat more carbohydrates.. Pancreas overshooting insulin due to low pH's ?

Update 15/5/2003: All Range and Zone charts all side by side can be seen on .


I've just finished my fourth Reams test.
I'm now interpreting the test results..

All test were taken in the late afternoon, between 5 PM and 7 PM
Male, 25 years old, 160 pounds, length 6 feet, 1inch

Here are the tests:

1.0 6.6 / 7.0 8C 4M 6 / 6

(Click for Zone Chart)

2.4 5.8 / 7.0 13C 4M 7 / 8

(Click for Zone Chart)

1.0 5.8 / 6.6 7C 4M 7 / 6

(Click for Zone Chart)

1.0 5.8 / 6.6 6C4M 6 / 7

(Click for Zone Chart)

4/27/2003 5:00 PM
0.7 5.8 / 6.8 5C 4M 7 / 7

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The figures mean:
UrineBrix UrinepH SalivapH Salts Debris NitrateNitrogen AmmoniaNitrogen

(Click for Zone Chart)

The optimal values would be:
Sugar brix (1.5); Urine pH (6.4); Saliva pH (6.4); Conductivity (7); Cell Debris (1 or 0.04M); Nitrate Nitrogen (3); Ammonia Nitrogen (3)
1.5 6.4 / 6.4 7C 0.04M 3 / 3

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My (first) analysis:

Protein digestion:

Protein digestion seems to be quite poor, as the ammonia nitrogen is always a lot higher than the nitrate nitrogen (2/6, 3/8, 3/6 and 2/7).
My protein intake is also on the low side I think..


Urine is too acid for tests 2-4 and the saliva is too alkalic, but not much. The average pH is slightly acid.
This means I am in the DB / DA range according to the ''calcium according to pH'' Chart in Dr. Beddoe's book (page 207).

Calciums and vitamins to supplement

Then I check the Calcium Dose Rate at page 208.
The calciums I should use, when I am in the DB range, are:
Dosage per day
1-2x Calcium Lactate
2x Calcium Hydroxide
1-2x Calcium Citrate
2x 1T Lime Water

Further, I should use vitamin C, 1000mg twice a day.
And Calcium gluconate is the main calcium to use in all cases..


Using the carbohydrate regulation chart on page 206:
The sugar carbohydrate content in 1.0 Brix on average (the 2.4 was probably due to changes in the diet that day?)
That means I'm in the low or very low blood sugar range. Even though I'm on a low carb diet, it shouldn't be that low I guess.
I also have big trouble warming up when I go to bed. In the winter and early spring I always need to fill two or three 1.5 liter plastic bottles with hot water to warm me up, otherwise it might take 1-2 hours for me to get warm enough in bed.
That's probably my pancreas, that is not producing enough alcohol to warm up my body. So, it would be good to supplement some drops of Tonics (custom made from a recipe by Reams). My weight is 160 pounds, so I should use 16 drops (160 divided by 10) of tonic daily.
I should eat fresh fruit in between meals. I hope I can handle that, as my blood sugars do fluctuate a lot when I eat fruits.
Green drinks, carrot juice, are also good. Meals on time is important (I know that. I feel quite bad when I get hungry.. Had that since childhood)..
I may need to use diluted juice with tea as the 1/2 hour drink to maintain proper blood sugar levels. I don't think I'll need that as I feel just fine and energetic when I stick to a low carb diet and eat my meals on time..
When I take the lemon water, I need to add 1-2T of sweetener..

I probably need support for my adrenals.. After several months on prednisone in the past, my adrenals have probably suffered a lot..
There might be potassium complications.. The weak adrenals are the cause for the low blood sugars.


The salts aren't high (8C,13C,7C,6C), so according to the chart on page 15 I won't need to drink distilled water on every 1/2 hour.
I only need the lemon water (with sweetener because of the low blood sugars), every hour on the hour for 10 hours.

That concludes my first analysis.. I will have to continue the reading and studying to be able to get more details from the RBTI tests..

Wednesday, April 30th 2003
I started the lemon+distilled water drinking yesterday..
I use honey as sweetener which doesn't seem to be working well. My sugar Brix levels have plummeted down to 0.3 Brix.. I will have to try other sweeteners.. The molasses I used yesterday caused watery diarrhea, as I can't digest disaccharides.. Fructose will be the next sweetener I will try.. Today at 17:00 (5PM) I did the test:

4/30/2003, 4:30PM
0.3 6.6 / 6.9 3C 4M 2 / 5

(Click for Zone Chart)

Conductivity is also quite low..
Because of the low ureas, this means I have a severe potassium deficiency. Carbohydrates are needed to get potassium to the brains (and for transport in general probably), so I will have to get my Brix levels up to fight the deficiency and to allow my body to absorb and transport the potassium..
Protein intake is quite low, so the nitrate nitrogen is also low, that's correct. I'm sort of semi-fasting to let my body recover faster.

Many more profiles can be found on the site at .

5/11/2003, 2:00 PM
1.3 7.0 / 6.8 9C 4M 7 / 6

(Click for Zone Chart)

This is after almost two weeks of drinking lemon-water on the hour.. The lemon water is showing its value.. I'll get the calcium and mincol and algazim supplements tomorrow or the day after.. Then it will improve further.. Still don't feel that great, because my bloodsugars are fluctuating quite a bit, which can be explained because of the effect the pH's have on insulin efficacy.. Will keep you updated..

5/13/2003, 2:30 PM
1.0 6.3 / 7.0 6C 4M 7 / 7

(Click for Zone Chart)

5/14/2003, 11:30AM
2.0 6.0 / 7.1 9C 4M 14 / 8

(Click for Zone Chart)

This is after 15 days of drinking lemon-water on the hour.
Also this is the beginning of the lemon-fast, which I started after the diner 5/13/2003 at 20:00 (8PM) hours.
I don't know how the nitrate nitrogen could have risen that high instantaneously.. Perhaps some kind of fasting/detox symptom ?

5/14/2003, 14:30
0.8 6.9 / 6.9 5C 4M 7 / 6

(Click for Zone Chart)

The nitrogens are stable again.. At 17:30 I'll do another test..
Then the nitrate nitrogen should start to drop as the fast should show its effects.

5/14/2003, 18:00
1.6 6.7 / 6.9 9 7 / 6

(Click for Zone Chart)

The amount of fructose I need to maintain this Brix-reading is about 1.5 teaspoon per 4 oz. lemon-water.

5/15/2003, 11:00
5.0 6.0 / 6.6 14C 4M+ 20+/7

(Click for Zone Chart)

Sugar Brix got quite high.. Am I using too much fructose ?
Also, the nitrate nitrogen level gets skyhigh ? What does this mean ?
Perhaps it's nothing, because I was only able to urinate a very small sample.. The results might therefore be a bit distorted..
This is the first time the cell debris went up, so my body is starting to shed dead cells.. This is probably due to the fact that my brains finally get the needed potassium, as potassium transport depends on the right carbohydrate levels. Once the brain gets its potassium it will function a lot better and direct the other organs better what to do. Also potassium is needed to regenerate cells.. I am probably casting off and rebuilding cells at a tremendous rate of speed.
I slept very well by the way, just like last night..

5/15/2003, 14:00
0.9 6.2 / 6.8 4C 3 / 7

(Click for Zone Chart)

The nitrate nitrogens are finally starting to drop due to the fasting.
Once they reach the 1-2 level, the body will go into withdrawal (some call it detox) and I might get some heavy symptoms then..

5/15/2003, 17:00
0.9 6.1 / 6.8 5C 7 / 6

(Click for Zone Chart)

Nitrate nitrogens went up again.. Brix level still too low.. Perhaps I should use 1.5 teaspoons afterall ? I feel quite energetic most of the time, but some moments I feel a bit less bright and also hungry, probably due to the low sugars. I also sneeze now and then.. After tomorrow this will be the longest fast I've ever done. But in general, I do feel better than the last fast I did some months ago, without the fructose..

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