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Another RBTI diagnosis

Wednesday, May 14 2003 - Filed under: General

Last evening I tested and got the following results (for Mr. Y):
His age is 48 years. He's 170 cm I think and his weight is 73kg..

05/13/2003, 22:30

(Click for Zone Chart)

The two things that are quite remarkable about these figures are:
* The extremely high salt levels, which are shown in the high conductivity (46C).. This person is drinking very small amounts of water and is in a dangerous fatal heart attack zone
* The very odd nitrate nitrogen (1) vs. ammonia nitrogen (7) ratio.. Because the ammonia nitrogen number is so much higher, this indicates that the right half of the brain is *much* more affected and hence the left side of the body should show much more symptoms.

Due to the high salts we can expect:
* Pressure on the chest
* Tingling hands and feet
* ringing in the ears

All these symptoms were confirmed by the person.

Furthermore, all these symptoms will be much worse on the left side of the body..

Again, this was confirmed immediately.. In fact he was complaining about his left arm, leg and back, hurting all the time..

Due to the high toxicity, we can expect:
* Allergies due to heavy toxicity
* Skin degeneration

This was also confirmed..

His Brix-reading was too high also (6.4), which means this person is developing diabetes, as his averaged blood sugars are too high all the time..

I told him to start drinking low-mineral water or even better distilled water, as soon as possible... Not more than 4 oz per hour.. Anything more than that cannot be used by the liver and is causing problems.. The salts should be lowered gradually..

Then, after a week, he should return for another test.. When the conductivity levels have dropped, he can then start the lemon-water treatment to rebuild his liver and in overtime his entire body..

The lemon-water treatment should only be started when the conductivity level has dropped far enough. When the salts are still too high in the blood, they are already stressing the kidneys.. Starting the lemon treatment too early might then overload the kidneys.. That's because the lemon-juice triggers regeneration of the liver and thus all other organs and causes major release of delta- and gamma-cells, which are malfunctioning, old cells and dead cells..

05/15/2003, 20:30

(Click for Zone Chart)

These values are already a lot better. The sugar has dropped, the conductivity has dropped.. The nitrate / ammonia nitrogen values are still very odd. The right brain is affected and this affects the left side of the body..

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