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1 Month RBTI - A review

Thursday, May 15 2003 - Filed under: General

I've been meassuring my RBTI values for about a month now..
Just to get the feeling the first few weeks..
Two weeks ago I started to drink the distilled water and use lemon juice.

I am now on the lemon fast for 48 hours now and some results are starting to show..
The nitrate nitrogen levels are starting to drop finally, which shows that the body is getting in withdrawal.
Withdrawal is what Reams called the detox-like situation.. The liver and the body starts to throw out big amounts of dead and malfunctioning cells and replace them with new cells.
This is because the liver is systematically fed by the anionic lemon juice..
This morning the 4M+ cell debris value showed that my body started to shed dead cells.. A good sign..

Here's a chart of the RBTI figures from the last month..

From left to right, these are plotted:
* The Brix values, 1.5 is optimal.
* The saliva and urine pH levels, 6.4 is optimal (in the green zone)
* The urine conductivity level
* The cell debris level (4M, 4M+, 4M++, 4M+++)
* The total urea level (nitrate + ammonia nitrogens)

Interestingly, you can see patterns in the charts when you check it out..

Details and interpretations on the tests can be found here:

When I have real results (like symptoms disappearing, etc), I'll let you know..

Take care,

The Netherlands

A question arises
>So the red line should optimally be in the horizontal green field in the
>By the way, does you're RBTI profile say that you have Crohn's?

My answer

Yes, the right line would optimally be in the horizontal green field in the middle. ( )

My figures do indicate Crohn's disease and/or Colitis..
Check the April values, before I started the lemon drink..

UrinepH is often 5.8 and the salivapH between 6.6 and 7.0..
This means that there is a large gap between the two.. i.e. a pH of 5.8 is 10x more acid than a pH of 6.8..
This large gap reflects a bad digestion.. On some places in the digestive tract, the movement of the foods will be very slow and on other places way too quick..
Further, the book says that when the pH's are averaged (2xsaliva+1xUrine)/3 = 6.46 on average, and the average is slightly alkalic (above 6.4), with an acid urine below 6.0 and (hence) an alkaline saliva pH, this is a typical pattern for Crohn's / Colitis..

The urine pH of 5.8 is also what's causing the very bad blood-glucose regulation.. Because the tissue is 4x too acid, insulin is a lot less effective and this hinders bloodsugar regulations..
Because of the lemon-fast the pH's are going up and insulin is getting more effective and that's why I *need* to use a sweetener.. Otherwise my blood sugar levels would plumet..
Low blood sugar levels means very poor oxygen transport in the blood, which in effect means that the brains and the liver won't work very well..
So, the brain can't control the other organs very well and the liver can't make all enzymes and regenerate itself and other organs..
Also, low carbohydrate means that potassium can't be transported and cells won't be able to regenerate without potassium and also the brain needs potassium the most, after calcium..

So, by feeding the liver with the right calciums and the right water (and the right amount) and keeping the carbohydrates in the green zone (which the fructose should do), this would trigger massive regeneration of the body.
The liver needs three things essentially: calciums, water and oxygen.. Low carbohydrate = low oxygen.. So that's why the carbs must be kept in the green zone (quite difficult for low-blood-sugar patterns like mine)..

From now on I need to test my figures three times a day, at 11, 14, and 1700 hours. This will show very well how the fast is proceding..
When the urea levels start to drop, then the body gets into withdrawal..
The fast should be stopped when the ureas rise again..
Then I should go on a light diet for the same amount of days as I had fasted..

That's about it.. Michael is a great help and he's coaching me very well..
I hope I will receive the needed supplements soon..

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