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Analyzing my RBTI figures further and explaining more of the RBTI

Thursday, June 05 2003 - Filed under: General


I've published some interesting charts on my site w.r.t. the progress with the RBTI..

The charts on the bottom are very interesting..
The small ''SF'' means start of fast and ''EF'' means end of fast..

It's very interesting to see how the body reacts to the fast..
It's quite clear that the urine pH drops almost immediately after I started the fast.
This probably means it's dumping acids in the urine.
At the same time, the saliva pH drops also. The saliva pH reflects the strength of the liver.
It moves into the A-range quite quickly. The A-Range is near the 6.4 optimal pH range.

Over time, a matter of days, the urine pH starts to move into the A-range also..

Then, I made a big mistake by taking coral calcium, which has a very *strong* alkalizing effect on the body.
I'm still busy trying to get the pH's back into the A-range again with the calcium lactate and some changes in the diet.

I started the second fasting yesterday noon.. Let's see how long it takes to get back in the A-range again..

The conductivity graph is interesting also. Almost immediately after the fast started, the levels dropped considerably.
The body retains its salts when a person is not eating. Check the part between SF and EF.

The nitrate nitrogens also dropped quickly when the fast started. When it reaches the 1-2 range it means you're in withdrawal. Others would call this detox, but that is not the perfect word to explain what's going on..
Almost directly after the end of fast (EF) the levels are restored to normal conductivity (salt) levels..

Why this focus to balance the pH's ?
6.4 is the optimal pH for both the liver (meassured in the saliva) and the rest of the body tissues (the urine pH)..
Any small deviation from 6.4 causes problems in many aspects:
* Too low pH (acid) decreases the strength of insulin
* Too low pH decreases the oxygen-carying ability of the blood
* It severely hinders or exaggarates the absorption of different minerals and vitamins, among which B12, iron, vitamin A, D, etc

So, the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization focuses on restoring the level by feeding it the right stuff (lemon water, the right calciums and oxygen) and giving it the optimal conditions to work (pH, conductivity, no excess or too few proteins, no excess or too few carbs)..
Once the liver starts to work again at its full power, the healing gets started.

Remember what I wrote some time ago, about my brothers hand that was healed in one day by using lemon water.. After *6 years*, instantly..
Imagine what a good functioning liver could do to ''permanently'' damaged vili of the intestines ? After almost 3 years SCD I still can't digest the smallest amounts of illegal carbs, so I would almost think that the intestinal damage would be permanent.
Luckily I still believed in the amazing healing powers of the body, but somehow this healing powers have been blocked for several years.
I really hope the RBTI will unleash this natural healing power of the body, so it will finally really heal my body..

I think the RBTI might also explain why certain parasites in the intestines can't be erradicated. The condition, the soil, in the intestines makes a perfect home for many parasites when the tissue pH's (and other factors of the ''soil'' aren't right..
Attacking the parasites with whatever weapon makes no sense.. We need to change the soil by getting the pH back to 6.4, and let the liver take care of the rest (overly simplified, I know)..

--- Real Results so Far with the RBTI ---
So far, the results are:
* A better skin
* A very noticable increase of energy

Michael, the RBTI nutritionist from the US who's helping me out as a personal coach, told me that the energy increase will be logarithmically, so in the beginning the increase might seem quite small, but then, when the liver starts to rebuild, the increase will be amazing..

In the meantime I believe the RBTI might be one of the most powerful instruments that can be used with healing..
I will keep you updated..

Greetings from The Netherlands,


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