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Where to get the RBTI instruments and supplies

Friday, June 13 2003 - Filed under: General

A good starting kit can be bought from
Please ask for FedEx Economical shipping instead of standard US mail, which takes months to get there..
Get the standard kit and get an ExTech Exstik pH meter from somewhere else.

You can also get all the equipment yourself.. This is what you need:
? Conductivity Tester
? Conductivity Reference Solution
? Graduated Cylinder (100cc, to exactly meassure 70cc of urine)
? Pen Light
? Refractometer
? Some Latex Gloves
? Ammonia Nitrate Test Solution
? Nitrate Test Solution
? Pipettes (10-50)
? Test Tubes (6)
? Universal Extracting Solution
? Urea Color Card
? Well Plate
? Wash Bottle

The one I have has no temperature compensation.. I would advise to get one with this feature.. The one I have is an MT-032 which I bought from (it's in the standard Reams kit), but I think they bought it from .
It has a range from 0-32 Brix .. I have this one: at $99.00
I suggest you at least get one with ATC (temperature compensation): at $109.00
Also search Ebay for comparable refractometers..
It should have a *Brix* reading, a range of 0-32, no higher but lower is no problem.. The zone charts only go to Brix 13.. A refractometer with a smaller range will probably have a higher precision..
A 0.1 Brix precision would be nicer to work with I think. This one has 0.2 Brix precision.
Here are some alternatives:

pH meter
I think here there is only one that really works good and that's the ExTech ExStik pH. Why ? Because it's the only one that can meassure saliva pH easily and accurately because of the flat probe. Just find yourself a good source by searching the web:
Here are some alternatives:

Conductivity Meter
The Hanna Dist 4 I have works perfectly and meassures the conducitivity in milliSiemens. It works easily by just dipping the device in the urine and wait for the reading to stabilize (1 minute or so). I have no experience with other devices.. This one is quite cheap and works OK..
Here are some alternatives:

Nitrogens test kit
Just get a complete set from or .. I think also carries it. And there are several other RBTI shops. You need:
* Nitrate nitrogen reagentia
* Ammonia nitrogen reagentia
* Universal Extracting Solution
* At least 10 pipettes (so the other ones can dry), but I recommend many more, 30pcs or so to make it easier
* A well plate

The one book you really need is Dr. Beddoe's Biological Ionization as applied to Human Nutrition. has it, too and some more stores on the web.

The different types of calcium, the min-col (colloidal minerals) and the Algazim (Norwegian Kelp) can be bought from when you're a nutritionist. Orders by phone..
In The Netherlands sells calciumgluconate powder, which probably is cheaper than getting it from the US.

If you have found a good place on where to get these instruments or supplies, please let me know.. ed AT

The Netherlands

Some more info I got from the RBTI YahooGroup:
I have the one available through But you can order what you need cheaper directly from . I've had a few people need to order kits from Pike so I've asked them to keep a list of what I recommend.
And yet another place to get test equipment
Lab Kit basic and advanced (I recommend the Advanced) is available at . Click BIA MENU then BIA SUPPLIES.

If looking to just have a consult for one personal test, use the
Test-By-Mail option (
This uses a special container that you can use to send us your specimen
overnight FEDEX.

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