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Overview of different biological terrain analysis methods

Wednesday, February 18 2004 - Filed under: General


I found some really nice articles on different BTA methods:

Download the 2MB manual from this page for lots of interesting information:

Also check this information:

The method described in the manual is quite powerful. It's based on the Reams RBTI, the Professor Louis-Claude Vincent BTA/BCA and Revici's work.
I've read Dr. Beddoe's book on the RBTI and the manual above goes in higher detail on many topics and tests.
The different perspective on level of detail in this manual has given me a much better in insight in BTA.
Alas, the essential information (which minerals, vitamins, etc to use) is censored, at least until you give them 3000 dollar for their testing device.

I think many of you will find it an interesting read.

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