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Two cases of psoriasis with virtually identical RBTI figures

Saturday, February 28 2004 - Filed under: General

For those who find it interesting, I've been experimenting with the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization for some time now, and I start to understand it better and better.
Interestingly, I yesterday checked the RBTI figures of a 17yr old girl who suffers from psorisasis and to my amazement her numbers were virtually identical to the numbers I got from a 45yr old male who also had psoriasis.

These are the two profiles:

Weight: 60.0 kg. / 132 pounds.
Length: 173.0 cm. / 5.67 Ft.
Approx. Age: 17 yrs
Test at 14:00
4.2 5.7/7.0 14C 4M++ 2/7

Weight: 58.0 kg. / 128 pounds.
Length: 180.0 cm. / 5.90 Ft.
Approx. Age: 45 yrs
Test at 14:00
4.1 5.7/6.8 16C 4M 3/7

Once again, next to eachother:

4.2 5.7/7.0 14C 4M++ 2/7
4.1 5.7/6.8 16C 4M 3/7
0.1 0.0/0.2 2C ++ 1/0 difference

Profile for the 45yr old male:,5.7,6.8,16,4M,3,7

Profile for the 17yr old female:,5.7,7.0,14,4M%2B%2B,2,7

The figures are probably mumbo-jumbo to most of you, but anyway, I think it shows that RBTI is quite accurate afterall.

A short analysis:

4.1 5.7/6.8 16C 4M 3/7

The first figure, the 4.1 means brix, which in fact means the percentage of carbohydrates in the urine.
4.1 is on the high side (1.5 is optimal), but it's not too high (above 5 and it's looking like diabetes).
This, however, does explain why she feels it's warm or hot most of the time, while I feel it's just a normal temperature.
Because of the relatively high blood sugars, some of the sugar is converted into alcohol which then causes excess heating in the body.

The second figure, the 5.7, is the pH of the urine. 6.4 is optimal, so this is way too low, especially when considering that 14:00 should be the most alkaline time of the day and keeping in mind that the pH scale is logarithmic (each 1 pH equals a factor 10).
The third figure, the 6.8, is the pH of the saliva, which indicates liver strength. Again, 6.4 is optimal, so this one is too alkaline, which indicates that the liver isn't functioning perfectly and that the digestive enzymes/juices are too weak. There is also a tendency towards constipation.

The fourth figure, the 16C (C means hundred) means conductivity (16C equals about 10 miliSiemens) of the urine. This one is still too high, as 6-7C is optimal, so he/she needs to continue the drinking of water. Then the excess salts will be dumped in the urine and over time the conductivity will drop to the optimal 6-7C value.

The fifth figure, the 4M, means that a normal amount of cell debris has been found in the urine. This indicates normal turnover of dead cells. 4M++ in the female means quite a bit of cell debris (the urine starts to look like orange juice, as you can't see through anymore easily).

The sixth figure, the 3, is the nitrate nitrogen. 3 is too low, as we need at least 7-9 for optimal healing. It means he/she is either under too much stress, or is eating too few proteins, or protein digestion is very poor. Remedies: Lower stress, eat raw eggs and/or add digestive enzymes.
The seventh figure, the 7, is the ammonia nitrogen. 7 is OK, but a bit higher would be better. Once protein digestion picks up, it will probably rise.

Based on these figures, these persons should:
* Make sure they don't eat too many carbs that could increase their bloodsugar
* Increase their urine pH (which indicates stored acids in the body) by supplementing the right calciums or eating foods which contain the right calciums (calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide)
* Take small amounts of calcium lactate to help bringing down the liver pH (calcium lactate has an opposite effect to the calciums above)
* Take calcium gluconate to replenish the calcium stores in general (has no pH moving effect)
* Take the colloidal minerals and the algazim (kelp) supplement which should be used for each person with imperfect RBTI figures
* Drink the lemon-water to boost the liver (this is a very important aspect of the RBTI)
* The female should use some vitamin E to assist the kidneys in getting rid of the dead cells (4M++ cell debris)
* They should both eat the easiest-to-digest proteins, like raw eggs, mixed in grape juice. No red meats, no nuts. Also add digestive enzymes (for protein digestion).

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