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Where to get the RBTI devices for a low price ?

Saturday, April 10 2004 - Filed under: General

For the nitrate and ammonia nitrogen reagentia, you will need to order from the US.

A refractometer can be found on Ebay or in The Netherlands at . You need one that meassures Brix or carbohydrate-percentage. Range 0 - 10 should be enough. Accuracy should be 0.1 - 0.2 brix. If your house doesn't have central heating you should fine one with automatic temperature compensation.
Expect to pay 35 to 60 euro for it.
Please be aware that a new one will cost only 99 euro's. But then you will pay for shipping from the US which is a lot more expensive than from Europe.

Ebay Deutschland
Ebay US

These are sold on different places, but the problem is that it's difficult to find one with a flat tip. Without the flat tip you won't be able to meassure saliva. A pH meter with a non-flat tip will only cost 45 euro or so. Check the Hanna pH meter at for example, but this just won't do: Impossible to meassure saliva.
So, you will probably need to get this one from the US. It costs about 99 - 120 dollar.

Try to fiend one on local auction sites like Ebay or in the Netherlands. It should meassure at least miliSiemens/cm from 0 to 20-30.

If you prefer to buy new devices (as the difference in price isn't that big), click here to see where you can get the new instruments:

Be sure to also get a pH 7.0 buffered calibration solution and also a conductivity reference solution.


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