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Monday, July 19 2004 - Filed under: General

The following book can be seen is a real must-read if you want to use the RBTI:

Biological Ionization as applied to Human Nutrition.
By Dr. Beddoe's

RBTI Diet booklet

The book below is an electronic one and can be requested from Michael, who is a member of the RBTI YahooGroup.
It's very handy and gives a good outline of what to eat and drink while doing RBTI

RBTI Diet & Guidebook by June M. Wiles

This is a nice 58 page booklet. It lists which foods are alkali and acid forming, when you're allowed to fast, and when not. It has info on colonics, enema's, exercise and a lot more.

Please note it's a stack of copied papers, but it's worth the 10 dollars for sure.

Then there are several introductory books, which give an outline of the RBTI and give an idea of what Dr. Reams was on to:

Choose Life or Death
by Dudley and co-authored by Carey Reams

A nice read, not really written by Reams himself, but does give a nice idea of the RBTI.
(for a used one)

Health Guide for Survival
Salem Kirban .

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