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Typical case of how precisely RBTI can determine one's health

Sunday, August 01 2004 - Filed under: General

A scan from page 84 of ''Health Guide For Survival''
Dr. Reams reports that he was in Coatesville.
Pennsylvania, conducting a seminar in a
local church. He was attempting to get
churches to take this program and give the
health message to churches. They had a meet-
ing of about 25 ministers from various de-

One minister, a bishop, who was in charge of
several churches took the initial urine/saliva
test. Dr. Reams told him he was in a fatal heart
attack zone. The bishop replied that he was in
perfect health and did not believe what he
said. He said he felt good.

He asked Dr. Reams: ''How long do you estimate that I will live?''

After a few minutes calculation, with only
one testing and his reserve energy level at
where it was, Dr. Reams replied: ''You will live 6 months.''

''He refused to go through my program of a 3-day
fast and special diet.''

''And he died of a heart attack in just six days short
of 6 months!''

Dr. Reams tried to interest these ministers in
his health message, hoping that they would
iuform their congregation of this successful
nutrition program. He hoped that they would
start health centers at their church.

Dr. Reams told them: ''A sickly saint often cannot be a soulwinning saint.''

They politely heard his message and then did nothing.

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