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Balancing upH level

Saturday, January 01 2005 - Filed under: General

Balancing the upH of the RBTI equation proved to be quite difficult in the end. My pH used to stay way too high, whatever I did. Calcium lactate didn't do a thing at all, neither did moderate amounts of vitamin C

I think I finally found the formula that works for me:
* I eat two or three oranges each day
* I eat homemade yogurt and homemade cream. This is 24 hour fermented and is high in lactic acid
* I've used massive doses of vitamin C, up to 20 grams each day. This resulted in detoxification symptoms. After a week, this was not neccessary anymore and I reduced the use of vitamin C. Please note, it would be better to take some more time and gradually build up the vitamin C dose.
* Red meat, even when raw, results in a swift rise in pH, I now eat eggs and chicken, both raw and cooked

This afternoon, the pH was at the optimum level, 6.4
I'm not sure if this is *the* formula (for me) to keep the pH in check, but for now it works very well !

Update december 2005:
Dates, figs and most -if not all- fruits (even oranges) cause a swift rise in urine pH. If your UpH is too high, remove all fruits from the diet. All sorts of sprouted beans should be eliminated from the diet also.
What helps most to drop the UpH is cranberry juice. Vitamin C only works very poorly in comparison. Use calcium lactate, it takes some time, but over time the UpH will drop.

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