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Very interesting information I received recently on new metabolic treatments

Thursday, March 27 2003 - Filed under: General

Dear Ed:
I'm amazed at the insights you have come upon in your search for health. Your tenacity reminds me of myself as I have been on the same search for 3+ years. Doesn't it feel funny that you can be more effective than most professional nutritionsists and Doctors in recovering true health than they could hope to be? Anyway, your recent insight into the healing potential of the work of Doctor Reams (check ) is dead on. I've been interested in his work as well as the paradigm of Riddicks ''Zeta Potential'' for some time and I do think it is the best methodology available for correcting nervous system imbalances at the source.

Of course, wrong diet can completely hinder the process. But anyhow, I'd like to share with you my other resources which are perspective changing and absolutely essential to a complete understanding of health. The Reams Ionization protocol takes care of the bioelectrical aspect of healing the nervous system.

The books that i list below have everything to do with healing the metabolism, hopefully back to optimal function, after a lifetime of abuse. Keep in mind, this is the benefit that can be realized when fasting in the correct way. When I say this, I mean with a minimal of hunger. I do it regularly. I learned this by learning about the interrelation of hunger, stress and metabolism from the books below. Fasting the wrong way can do much more harm to your health than good. realize that when we are talking about metabolism, we are talking about glucose and oxygen. One is dependant on the other for optimal function. You are striving to minimize damage to your glucose and oxygen pathways by eating correctly, and rejeuvenate these pathways through specific therapy. When we keep our metabolism functioning optimally, along with optimal bioelectrical function of the nervous system, we can be assured of a pathological disease free life.

But its useless for me to keep explaining without reading the books. However, I will leave you with one concept that I have concluded to be probably the most single important rule of nutrition. failure to follow this rule is what I believe to be the most damaging to the intestine, nervous and metabolic systems. Always eat fat/protein completely seperate from any carbohydrate. The combination produces the worst reactions in the body in the immune/ nervous/ metabolic/ digestive systems. by the way, I also eat raw egg yolks. they are the most nutritious substance that is readily available to the average person. however, it is especially important to not eat carbs with egg yolks. I combine them with unsalted butter or low salt cheese.

The writings of karen Kellock ( ) are extremely eccentric. i have her hard copy book which she may now be offering parts of as ebooks. Anyway, read anything that she writes on fasting. It is the most advanced method of fasting that I am aware of. It is also scientifically correct way to maximize the metabolic benefits of fasting while minimizing the possibility of a negative outcome. I've tried all kinds of cleansing/ fasts. her method of one fat based meal a day followed by a day fast, then repeat, is sustaineable and very powerful healing method. You retrain your glucose metabolism in this way.

Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigin
Another, more accessable, method of healing/ optomizing metabolism. instead of fasting, you cycle your carb/ glucose intake every few days. This trains your glucose metabolism to work more efficiently without the long term stress of complete deprivation accrued with extreme low carb dieting or extended fasting. If nothing else, an excellent metabolic primer. However, his specific nutritional recommendations can be way off at times. Customize to your needs. Highly recommended.

Homo Optimus by Dr Jan Kwasniewski ( and his other english translation book)
probably the best book to follow if eating a paleolithic style diet. Gives specific macronutrient ratios for meals that are required to keep from having a bad metabolic/ nervous reaction to food. This is what I follow when eating a high fat diet. a very advanced metabolic healing method would be to integrate this with the macronutrient cycling of Rob Faigins book but keeping within the principles of the SCDI diet when eating carbs. Kwasniewski recommends the overpowering of carbs in the diet with enough fat so as to blunt the detrimental metabolic effects of carbs. I still prefer to completely seperate, but specific studies need to be done to verify which is the safer method. Check for more information

The work of Irving Dardick
You read lights Out (check ) . I did not read this yet. However, I infer that it has a lot to do with light regulation of human biological rhythms. Well, Dr Dardiks work is based on optomizing biological rhythm and increasing Heart Rate Variability. HRV is essentially the best measurement, sort of a direct eye into the nervous system, as to how resistant your organism is to stress. His company,, has a program to help build HRV by optomizing Rhythms and resistance to stress. However, I have not tried it. His research is done in my area and I am currently attempting to join as an assistant. He works closely with one of the leading heart researchers at Harvard University. I came upon his work by trying to find a science to explain my theories of rejeuvenating health. Complex Systems Theory, or ''chaos Theory'' explains it perfectly. The science of Adaptation. Dr Dardick is on the board of one of the largest organizations devoted to studying the Complex Systems approach in the country. Dr Dardik has some very interesting writings at / com?. His work was also a primary inspiration for the more esoteric work being done by Dan Winter. Look up

I think I could go on and on but it wouldn't do either of us any good. What I've shared with you is the result of years of searching for the truth. You seemed to be at the same relative apex of finding the true nature of health and I just wanted to share. Especially with your insight as to the importance of Reams work. I have much more, especially with breathing, but that is getting ahead of myself. All of these books will keep a person busy for a while. Maybe we can continue to exchange ideas in the future.


Pennsylvania, USA.

Some additional notes by C.
The one thing that I do not know if I mentioned in my letter, that is important, is that I consider Mr Faigins Nutritional recommendations to be way off concerning specific foods like types of ''good'' Fat. It seems he has adheres to the Udo Ursamus theory of Fats whereas, I tend to agree and follow the nutritional theory of fats as described by Mary Enig in ''Know Your Fats'' (another important book) and Kwasniewski in his ''optimal diet''. This keeps people from eating too many unstable fats that will oxidize and age the body like an overipe piece of fruit. All of the essential fatty acids that are needed, in their correct amounts, are consumed when eating optimally. The basic premise is that the longer the hydrogen chain of the fat, the better and more suitable it is as a source of energy and nutrition. However, when these fats are not seperated from sugar and carbohydrate, they become metabolically damaging and atherosclerotic. This is due to the fact that these fats are very influential because your body prefers them as an energy source. Its like mixing sugar with gas in a car. Always seperate.

The value of Rob Faigins book lies in that its not the specific nutrition that he recommends but the seperation of Fat/protein and carbohydrate as well as the macronutrient cycling that he recommends as a therapeutic measure to optomize the metabolism. As a general rule I ignore his specific micronutrient recommendations, and everyone else should do the same. He basically gleaned some info from one book and included it in his writing as fact. You can probably read the Weston Price review of the Udo Ursamus book at . Also, he recommends starch as the carbohydrate source. If someone is on a weightlifting program this may be appropriate. However, believing that the Specific Carbohydrate diet ( ) is good science, we would substitute something like fruit for the starch if following Rob Faigins protocol.

I felt the need to mention all of the above, especially if someone first purchases Rob Faigins book, before reading others, from the recommendation on your site. You may do with it what you wish.

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