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Short introduction to Reams after receiving testing kit

Saturday, April 19 2003 - Filed under: General


Last Monday, I finally received the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization testing kit.. I had ordered it from . It's the Basic Reams testing kit.. The first shipment got lost in the mail and after some conversation they decided to ship another one with FedEx.. It arrived in 3 days.. Great service indeed !

It's a refractometer, pH-roll-off-paper, conductivity meter (mili-Siemens), and reagentia for nitrogens.

I also received the books I ordered.. They are very detailed and I've finished one of them.
I really think the RBTI is something very, very powerful..

When I'm back home (Tuesday) I'll do the first tests on myself and my family members..
Can't wait to start working..

Here is an overview of what's possible using the RBTI testing:

Using a sample of urine and saliva, which is taken when the person hasn't eaten for at least an hour (only water), 7 different tests will give 7 figures.

* Urine carbohydrate index (Brix) meassured with the refractometer..
* Urine pH
* Saliva pH
* Urine Conductivity (mili-Siemens)
* Urine cell debris count
* Urine amonium nitrogen
* Urine nitrate nitrogen

These seven figures are then used in a mathematical formula and the results show the quality of the liver, the pancreas, the adrenals, kidneys and most other internal organs.
Also it shows which minerals are low, and more specifically which type of each mineral should be supplemented.

Depending on the urine and saliva pH, the type of organic calcium which should be supplemented can be decided. Some types just are useless when the pH is in a certain range..
Calcium, according to Reams is the most important mineral in both animals and plants and is needed the most both by volume and by weight..

The formula can also be used the calculate the immune energy and the reserve energy.
For example, when a person eats soy, the new RBTI will show much worse figures than the first test *before* eating the soy.
In fact, RBTI is very much compatible with the thoughts of the paleo and scd diet.

Except, it has as a major advantage that it can specifically tell if a certain food is the right one for correcting the disturbed metabolism..

The BRIX meassurement using the refractometer is very interesting also, because it shows the average carbohydrate level of the blood over a multi hour period..
That way, low or high blood sugar problems can be shown easily.. The glucose intolerance test is quite useless and also the blood-glucose meassurement is useless..
For example: When a person gets a severe hypoglycemia attack and goes to the doctor to test the blood-glucose level, nothing is found.. Everything seems to be just fine..
Yes, but only because the adrenals and the liver took care of the dangerously low blood glucose level, just after the attack..
Using the BRIX meassurement, it shows immediately if a person has low blood sugars or high blood sugars.

The conductivity shows immediately if a person is drinking enough water and/or if he/she is retaining too much salts.

The cell debris meassurment shows if a person is throwing off dead cell waste too much or too few..

The nitrogen meassurements show if the blood contains too much urea..

Combined, these meassurements can show virtually all conditions, even before they show..

A short introduction on RBTI:

I will let you know the outcome of the tests.. I have a *very* good feeling about this..
I really think Reams was on to something, perhaps the most important thing in medicine in the last century.
Did you know he was poissoned three times and was in need of a bodyguard.. The last poissoning almost became fatal, but his daughter saved him, during his stay in the hospital: By using an RBTI test to find the cause of his symptoms !

Well, summarizing, I am quite enthousiastic about this.. As you probably know, I've been enthousiastic about other things in the past, but I really feel this *is* something..

I'll keep you updated,

The Netherlands

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