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Reams, Distilled water, how powerful is the RBTI

Tuesday, April 22 2003 - Filed under: General

This is a message from The Healing Crow Community I wrote in response to several inquiries on what exactly RBTI is and if distilled water isn't dangerous.

Thanks for your opinions and info..
About the water: Rain is actually distilled water (and perhaps also glacier water) and is void of minerals.
With the pollution everywhere, this doesn't hold anymore ofcourse, but ordinary rain in past times was virtually free of minerals and toxins..
It's a fact that animals and humans can't utilize inorganic minerals, so it seems unlogical to drink them if they only strain the kidneys and decrease the absorption/cleaning property of water.

Reams says that the energy level of distilled water is higher than the energy in any other type of water.
I think it can easily be proven that distilled water can remove toxins from the body the fastest and most effective.
There is quite some info on the web that distilled water, de-ionized water and even reverse osmosis water is very unhealthy.
As far as I know (done quite some research on this topic) the only unhealthy water out there is de-ionized water, which causes problems with the cells, because of the osmosis, causing salts/stuff to move through cell membrames, which they shouldn't..
I've read stories of quite some people who have been drinking distilled or reverse osmosis water for many years, or even decades without any problem whatsoever.
Give a dog two cans of water: Distilled and tap water.. It will choose the distilled one (will have to verify this.. Interesting test for Tascha :-) )

As far as the religious things.. Jon, what you forget, is that in the USA religion is more prominent than in most places in Europe. The things I've read about Reams are very positive.. He was a minister and had the best intentions.
He had a retreat and treated people for low prices and the ones that couldn't pay would go for free ! I'm quite certain he was a really good man.
Yes, he tries to explain many things by referring to Bible passages, and he think he does make a point with most things.
Reams was a genius, both in Mathematics as in Chemistry and Physics..

The interesting part is that I see many parallels with the latest research I did, which also involves the work by Max Heindel (Rosicrucians), but also Reich, Robert Becker..
He was able to determine the life frequency of different species. He says the human male has a log frequency of 24, while the female has freq. 26.
All animals and plants have lower frequencies.. He also demonstrates that the lower the frequency, the shorter the cell turnover time..
I.e. the lower the frequency, the relatively more cell debris, and the more water an animal needs.
Besides the log frequency, there is also a milli-milli-micronage frequency which determines who you are. Every being has a unique frequency.

He was able to identify the species and races of anonymous ashes and assisted the police in several occassions..
On one occassion ashes were found in a house and he was able to identify it as two women and one negro man. It it had been a dog or a chicken he would have known.

Alas, most of you will think I'm working with yet another over-the-wall theory here.. I hope to show some practical results soon..

Reams started out with testing the soil and is very successfull in increase crop yields multifolds, by applying the right minerals and restoring nature's balance, which includes pH balance.
The resulting crop will not rot anymore, will need no insecticide and the taste is incredible. There is a special newsgroup on this: ''Brixtalk''
How well a tomato will taste can be perfectly predicted by testing the Brix value of the tomatojuice with a refractometer and comparing the value with the optimal Brix-value chart he made.

Reams later applied these same theories to human beings.. He started out testing about every aspect of the human:
* urine, saliva, mucus, sweat, tears, etc, etc..

After a lot of analyzing he discovered a lot of overlap and deducted that the urine and the saliva give the best and easiest to extract information.
He then made a mathematical formula which can be used to diagnose a person in very high detail.
When you think about this, you must understand this is quite powerful. For example, the liver creates all raw enzymes in the body. Saliva is also full of enzymes.. When the saliva isn't in the right pH range, this will show the bad quality of the liver..
It's also easy to understand that different ratio's between pH's, nitrogens in the urine, conductivity of the urine, etc can show quite a lot..
7 different figures can show lots and lots of different combinations and results..

I also tested my mother and Dr. Martin analyzed her figures (no charge). He was able to tell that she has a problem with giving away control..
That was amazing, as my father often gets quite irritated when my mother wants to take over something he is doing (and even things that everybody knows *he* can do better).
By analyzing the figures, Dr. Martin was able to tell this.. So, the diagnosis part, I firmly believe in that that's very powerful.
Like Jon says, the more interesting part ofcourse is how well the RBTI can resolve these issues / symptoms..

I heard from another RBTI practicioner that within a week most people will get great improvement in energy and digestive performance.
Then it will take weeks or months for the body to restore to full health.. Please note that it took many years or decades for a person to get ill and full of toxins..

Jon, by the way, the book you read indeed has one chapter that is very religious, but please note that this book wasn't written by Reams, but by another person.
Reams was very religious, but in a very good way... He would never leave one his people down, wether they were prostitutes, gay, or for any other reason.
He was thrown in jail various times for practicing without license: All he actually did was telling people to drink more water and change their diet..
In that case all of us should be thrown in jail.. He had not hatred to the people that did this to him. Instead he prayed for them and hoped they would turn around..

I don't think he believed in the hell like many people do.. In fact, he was quite revolutionary on many subjects.
He even says he could prove that the soul of a dead person lifts from the body, just after death and says this can be proven by using a special camera..
I do believe him and this is exactly what for example the Rosicrucians believe.

About the commercial involvement of Dr. Martin: He has so far analyzed 3 RBTI tests at no charge..
And yes, the supplements can be bought at this son's webstore, but you can also find comparable supplements in your local supplement stores.
The key here is that after the RBTI test, you know which minerals will work and which won't.. I don't think it's such a farfetched idea that certain organic minerals and vitamins just don't work in certain tissue-pH ranges..
Supplementing enzymes is also what is advised when the pancreas or liver isn't cooperating..
Raw eggs are promoted, soy is warned for on many occassions.. Bread should not be eaten, neither sugar.
Dr. Martin in fact has a link on his website to the SCDiet and Elaine's book BTVC..
That doesn't prove his good intention, but does give him a lot of credit..

Overall, I have a really good feeling about both Dr. Martin and Carey Reams..
Other practicioners and people in the RBTI newsgroup (Yahoogroups) confirm this..

In a few days, I'll let you know more about this..
In The Netherlands, I'll be doing some free tests on a couple of people as soon as I feel I understand RBTI well enough and I will list all the profiles on my site, which includes symptoms, and also an objective progress report..

It has become quite a long mail.. I hope you will stay openminded on this and await my results,

Take care,

The Netherlands

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