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Some interesting resources on raw vegan diets

Thursday, June 26 2003 - Filed under: General


I personally don't believe a raw vegan diet is healthy for the physical body. On the other hand, It is probably very healthy for the spiritual part of humans and some people seem to thrive on this type of diet..

I just don't dare to promote this kind of diet, especially because I definitely don't thrive on this type of diet.. I think it really lacks several important nutrients, like B-vitamins, cholesterol, and most of all good quality animal fats.

Please note that I don't know the full truth and perhaps these diets below are very healthy afterall. I personally think a raw diet which includes at least raw eggs or raw fish or meat is the healthiest, so the ''raw''-part of these raw vegan diets is good I think.. The vegan-part is what I don't like at all.. There is too much evidence that we can't live on plant foods only...

But, anyway, just to show that there are other opinions around, here are some interesting resources to do some research on: (very interesting articles) (nice site, with many articles and journals)

Please be sure to read all the info on this website, before even considering to become vegan:

Please read these testimonials of vegetarians and ex-vegetarians:


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