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How to promote the SCDiet in newsgroups ? And more important, how not do it !

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

Don't cast pearls to the swine !

I think this is the best way to go:

* Cast the pearls once to the narrowminded and then leave it be.

About 1% will eventually remember your message and give it a try.
It's *impossible* to turn the other 99% around. Perhaps some years
later, but not now or soon..

They will not even take the time to investigate the theory. Their
heads/brains are filled for 100%.
They think they know everything and don't like to look any further.

Even when we would have scientifical proof of the SCDiet they will
disregard it.
Someone told me in a newsgroup that ''there is no proof of any relation
of food and health''.
Then I quoted four studies that show without doubt that the elemental
diet is more effective than prednisone in treating Crohn's.
They didn't change their mind.. Some people just don't want to take
responsability. They don't want to look for alternative treatments.
They are at peace with their disease.. Take my advice: Just leave them
be.. If you don't you will start to feel really bad soon !

Don't even start a discussion with them. The ones that are interested
will eventually send you a direct e-mail.

Good luck,

The Netherlands

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