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A ketogenic diet to fight cancer

Sunday, July 06 2003 - Filed under: General

Someone asked me about a ketogenic diet to treat cancer.
This is my current view on how to treat cancer with diet, as of July 2003:

>Dear Ed,
>Could you please send a detailed ketosis diet for cancer?
>Thanks a lot.

Hi Drago,

At this time, I think this would be a good anti-cancer diet:
* Lots and lots of fats in the form of: Butter, Cream (add some yogurt and leave 24 hours at 40 degrees C for an even better lactose-free cream), Coconut oil, avocado's, some nuts (macadamia, pecan, coconut, walnut)
* A max of 50 grams of protein each day: For example, 5 raw eggs. Put in hot, but not cooking water for 3 minutes before eating raw. (Read one anwer to cancer for details)
* If you can find it: Raw liver is *the* food to give cancer patients. Eat raw or put in a blender with 100ml *fresh* carrot juice
* If you can find it: Raw pancreas is also *the* food to give cancer patients. Same as above (with juice or just raw)
* No fruits except for strawberries (up to 250 grams a day) or other low-carb berries
* No grains, vegetable oils, potatoes or corn and other carbohydrates
* Vegetables you can eat, but it's not neccessary. Only eat low-carb veggies like brocolli, endive, cauliflower, etc
* No cooked/broiled meats in the beginning. Stick to raw eggs and raw organs (The above) as protein digestion is very poor with cancer

Try to order the Aerobic Boost and Krysalis Sparx from
Also try to use as many suggestions as posted on

A book you will want to read is ''One Answer to Cancer''.. You can find it on my site.

What to drink: Only water and small amounts of the carrot juice (not too much, because the diet needs to stay low-carb).
Try to find water with the smallest amount of minerals in it. When you weigh 70 kgs, drink at least 2.3 liters a day
Pick your weight from this table:
40kg 1,3 liter; 50kg 1,6 liter; 60kg 2,0 liter; 70kg 2,3 liter; 80kg 2,6 liter; 90kg 3,0 liter; 100kg 3,3 liter; 110kg 3,6 liter; 120kg 3,9 liter; 130kg 4,3 liter.

If you can find reverse-osmosis or distilled water, that would be the best.
Otherwise search for mineral waters with the smallest amounts of minerals. I found one here that has 30mg per liter dry residue.

What will you be eating throughout the day:
Primarily high-fat cream and butter. Some proteins (like the ones above) and some strawberries or other berries and some vegetables.
No bread, no grains, and *no* sugar. Also no sweet fruits or citrus fruits. These are true cancer-feeding foods..

You will need to try to clean up as much as possible of your body.
In the book ''One Answer to Cancer'' you find several ways to do this: Colonics, coffee enema's, liver flush, gallbladder flush, etc.
This is really important, because once the body starts to win the battle against the cancer, lots of dead cancer tissue will be excreted and we don't want the liver/kidneys/colon to get congested.. This is truly critical.

Also, eat your proteins in a small part of the day.. For example, take 3 eggs at breakfast and 2 eggs at noon. After that no more proteins.
That way, you pancreas can recover and produce more pancreatin, which is the enzyme which ''digests'' the tumors.
If you eat raw liver or raw pancreas, you can leave out a few eggs, depending on the amount of liver/pancreas you eat.

I think this diet will be hard in the beginning to get used to, but once you feel you get more energy and you're winning the battle, you will definitely feel it's worth it.

Good luck,

And keep me updated on how you fare,

The Netherlands

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