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How to build your own fermenting machine

Friday, August 01 2003 - Filed under: General

Yogurt makers often fail to ferment milk into yogurt or cream into sour cream successfully.
This is due to the bad temperature regulation in these cheap devices. For example, yogurt should be fermented at near 40 degrees C. Even small deviations will hinder the fermentation process.
I once got sick from eating ''sour'' cream made in one of these cheap yogurt makers (the ones without thermostats), (it got too hot and killed the bacteria) and decided to make my own fermenting machine.

What is needed
* A thermostat
* A 220v light bulb fitting
* A 220v light bulb
* Some wires and connectors/plugs
* A plastic casing (or some slices of wood like I used)
* A 220v power lead with a 220v plug on it
(replace 220v by 110v when in the USA)

Take the first slice of wood
Drill holes so you can connect the light bulb to it
Drill holes so you can connect the thermostat to it
Attach the light bulb
Attach the thermostat

On the back side, connect a lead between one of the plugs of the bulb fitting and the correct pin on the thermostat
Connect the earth-lead of the power-lead to the earth-mount on the thermostat housing
Connect one of the wires from the 220v lead to the other plug of the bulb fitting
Connect the other wire of the 220v lead to the 220v-input-pin of the thermostat

Now complete and close the housing by attaching another slice of wood to the electronics-side of the first slice of wood
(Or easier: Use a complete electronics plastic box and just screw the lid closed)

Make sure to leave an opening for the thermostat sensor, which should be mounted on the surface of the fermenting machine
Before you close up the box completely, first check to see if it all works OK..

When all is closed, fit the light bulb and you're done..

Electronics-side of the first slice of wood of the fermenter


How to use it
Simple ! Put it in any case you like in which you also place the to-be-fermented food.
For example: Use a defective refridgerator and set the temp-dial to 35 degrees C to brew your own 25-liter batch of EM-1.
Or use a small wooden box to ferment your own sour cream or yogurt... Perhaps you might need a stronger light bulb or even a second light bulb when you use big cases..
It's easily adapted to your personal needs..

Enjoy your Activated EM (effective Micro-organisms) or sour cream or yogurt or kefir or fermented grains or whatever you like to ferment at whatever temperature..
Total costs 10-30 euro's / dollars, depending on the quality of the final product (slices of wood instead of a nice retail plastic housing cuts costs for example)..

Finished !

In Action, fermenting cream

Take care,

The Netherlands

* In the Netherlands, has perfect thermostats.. Just search for 615889 (which is the product number)

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