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Vaccination a myth ?

Saturday, August 02 2003 - Filed under: General


I was wondering if there are any studies that really prove that vaccination really works..
I have strong doubts that vaccinations even have the slightest influence..

I found this study:

''Patients who received the vaccine had a lower incidence than patients who received placebo of clinical influenza as diagnosed by a family physician (1.8% vs 3.4%, P = 0.035) and of serologic influenza (4.5% vs 9.0%, P < 0.001) (Table).''

''The incidence of influenza was not affected by the stratified subgroups. Patients aged >= 70 years were the only subgroup in which vaccinated patients did not have a consistently lower incidence of influenza than nonvaccinated patients. ''

One interesting observation: Vaccination doesn't result in immunity: It only reduced the ifluenza cases.. It didn't eliminate the influenza cases.
Another interesting observation: In the persons above 70 years no change was observed, whether vaccinated or not..

Do any of you know studies (placebo controller, double-blind, etc) that show vaccination results in something close to immunity ?
The studies about the disappearence of several diseases several decades ago don't impress me, as the statistics show that those diseases were gone before they started vaccinating..
Does your doctor tell you that a vaccination makes no sense when you're over 70 years and does he tell you that there is still a relatively large risk that you can still get influenza ?

A simple study could prove it: Take 100 animals and another 100 animals.. Vaccinate one half of them for a not-so-serious disease and then put a certain bacteria/virus in their food..
Note the outcome and this should prove if a vaccination really results in immunity.. A quick search through Pubmed didn't reveal any of this kind of studies..

Please note that for most vaccinations, there aren't any studies that show any efficiency or any risk assesment..
For example, the tetanus vaccination:

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/comments,


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