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Acne and Dandruf can be treated using raw Homo Optimus diet

Friday, August 08 2003 - Filed under: General

As I wrote before, the Wai Genriiu diet to treat acne works OK, but the high amount of fruits just isn't compatible with my body: I got stressed and lost weight.. Check for Wai Genriiu's diet.. I also don't like the abundence of Omega 6 fats and virtually no Omega 3 fats in the diet..

This is the alternative to get rid of acne, cellulite and dandruf all at once:
A raw version of the Homo Optimus diet..

This is what I eat to get rid of my acne and the bit of dandruf I often have:
* lots of self-made 24-hour fermented cream
* raw steaks
* butter
* raw eggs, mixed with some juice
* some strawberries, or other low-carb berries

Per day, I only eat about 60 grams of proteins, lots of fats, close to 200 grams of saturated fats like butter and cream and only a low amount of carbs from the low-carb fruits above..

In about 5 days, my skin shined like almost never before, my hair looked shiny and all dandruf disappeared.. My skin looks really well also..

The advantage of cream and butter is that it's high in good fats and low in lactose (24-hour self-fermented cream and butter contains nil lactose) and also low in protein.. As the hormones are located in the proteins, there aren't many hormones in these foods either.. So you get all the good factors of dairy, but not the bad factors (hormones, pasturized proteins).. Also the fats aren't harmed by pasteurization, so that's no problem either.. Raw cream and raw butter would be even better ofcourse, but it's only optional..

This diet also gives lots and lots of energy, virtually no hunger, very high stamina, no more muscle cramps or muscle pains after work-outs, etc, etc.. It's a really cool diet..

People who are sensitive for lactose, should make sure they get the right butters. In France, all butters are OK, but in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany there are many butters that still contain lactose. Also the cream could better be dehydrated by letting it drip out the water (which contains small amounts of lactose) in it..

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