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Effective Body Building

Sunday, August 10 2003 - Filed under: General


My recipe for weight gain is:
* Lots of fat
* Enough protein, but 2 lb of meat is way too much.. Half of it will be sufficient.. Raw is the best.. Also eat some raw eggs (yolks or whole)
* Drop all the fruit and the honey except for some strawberries or other low-carb berries

Weight training is not needed.. All you need to do is this daily 10-minute exercise..

On the even days train one group of muscle groups
On the other days train the other, non-associated muscle groups

Start with simple push-ups: The key is to go as far as possible, and then some.. Then don't stop, but continue with the next group of muscles-exercise..
Again, go until you drop.. This keeps the body metabolism anaerobic.. This is the signal for building muscle..
You can also use weights.. Get a set of different weights.. Start with the heaviest weight and go on until you just can't move it anymore..
Then don't pause, but continue on immediately by getting the slightly-lighter weight and again go on until you just can't move it anymore..
Then immediately take the next weight until you reach the lightest weight and you can't move that one anymore..

This is such an effective protocol, that 10 minutes of this anaerboic exercises equals more than an hour of normal weight-training..

Next day, let these muscle groups rest and train other muscle groups..
The key is to not pauze in between exercises.. Keep on going to keep the body anaerobic..

In just one week time, I went from 20 push-ups to 35 and finally to over 50 push-ups..
Muscle mass increased noticably.. I ate lots of fat and only about 70 grams of protein a day (meat is about 18% protein and egg is 12% protein)

When I eat any more fruit / carbs than some sttrawberries, I'm unable to gain weight and I start loosing weight..
Insulin is the enemy of body-building. It's the catabolic (muscle-burning to keep bloodsugar levels stable) hormone.. You need to stay anabolic by not eating any carbs beyond the few strawberries..

Well, this is what works for me.. I'm not 100% sure if it will work for you, but I think it will..

I learned this procedure from the book ''The Diabetes Solution'' (the title is no exaggaration.. It IS) by Dr. Bernstein.. Fragments of the book can be read from

Good luck,

The Netherlands

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