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Atkins diet promoted on the Dutch RTL4 news bulletin

Tuesday, August 26 2003 - Filed under: General


Yesterday evening (August 25th 2003), the Dutch RTL4 broadcasted their news bulletin.
One of their topics was the revival of the Atkins diet.
One of the newsreaders was actually following the Atkins diet and had lost quite some weight (very visible).
He had turned into a real proponent and told about ''his'' diet with enthousiasm.
Then they showed some pictures of American actors who were also successfully following the Atkins diet.
The latest version of the Atkins New Diet Revolution is finally being translated into Dutch also.

Ofcourse, there was some counter-information: One dietitian was able to give her response.
She stated that people would follow this strange diet for a while and would then return to their normal diet and would turn fat/obese again.
Then the (male) newsreader countered it by saying that it's not hard at all to continue the diet, because there is no hunger. When you get hungry you just eat some cheese or a piece of meat. It's very easy he said.

Then there was some more counter-information, presented by the other (female) newsreader:
The standard nonsense arguments like: ''I'm not overweight either and my body *needs* the carbohydrates''..
Also a list of calory-dense foods were presented, which included at position 1: A handful of nuts.. ;-(
Luckily, the other positions were pizza, french fries, potato chips and cream-cake.

Recently there have also been positive articles in one of the leading Dutch magazines and newspapers, so I really think the tide is turning !

Now it's just a matter of time before the rest of the population gets convinced of this diet, I hope,

The video can be watched here:

Take care,

The Netherlands

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