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MSM, DMSO and Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

MSM does help my digestion.. It turns my tools more solid.
Perhaps the dehydration of the stool works better with the MSM, but
possibly some antioxidant property is involved, because diarrhea is
associated with nitric oxide.
When you add a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor to a laxative, it isn't
a laxative anymore.. Perhaps MSM also acts somehow on nitric oxide... I
don't know..
That's about the only result when I use MSM or DMSO for the digestion..

The people that get real benefits from MSM or DMSO somehow don't react
markedly to the SCDiet.
The SCDiet breaks one type of vicious cycle, but in some people another
vicious cycle on a chemical level, involving free radical production is
The SCDiet might break this vicious cycle on a chemical level overtime,
but in most people this takes a very long time.
The DMSO and to some degree the MSM can break this cycle in one-two
days. Read more about it at
I think this 2nd vicious cycle only occurs in some ulcerative colitis
cases where there's blood in the stool.

I forgot to mention this nice article on DMSO:

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And this is a double blind study on the efficacy of DMSO with treating


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