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The traditional cure for diabetes: Low-carb diet

Saturday, November 01 2003 - Filed under: General

Macarness was also familiar with the traditional ''cure'' for diabetes, which was to place the patient on a diet with virtually no carbohydrates. If there are no carbs in the diet, the body doesn't need the ability to make insulin, so the disease was no bother (other than the discomfort of the dietary discipline).

Since we did not evolve eating carbs in the modern constant-intake fashion, our pancreas is subject to failure from over work, and perhaps it is sometimes destroyed by our own immune system due to the damage the constant flow of insulin does to the blood vessels. Remember the immune system is there to find and destroy the source of damage to our body. Diabetics, once the pancreas quits, suffer severe and rapid damage to their bodies from the high levels that injected insulin produces. Macarness also referred to a diet known as the ''Blanding diet'' used traditionally for the reduction in weight of very obese people. I went out and bought Stef's book and read it with growing excitement. The year was 1958....

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