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A 4-layer view on health

Sunday, December 21 2003 - Filed under: General

Layers of Health:

I always preferred to have a simple 1-dimensional look on health:
Health is a function of the foods you eat. It's not *that* simple, but it is an important part of true health.

Regular medicine likes to regard two layers: The genetic layer and the medicine layer.
When you develop diabetes or cancer or most other diseases, they say it's in your genes and that you need to take this or that symptom-suppressing medication.

After quite some research, I think we should regard at least (perhaps more) four layers:

1. Genetic Layer
2. Physical (Mineral) Layer
3. Astrology Layer
4. Emotional Layer


My idea is that all variables in these four layers could be mapped on a function and the outcome will show which diseases you might develop and which weak points there are in your physicial and emotional health.
We need to introduce the concept of life energy. This is not the same energy as the calories we've learned about in physics classes.
This energy is often referred to as orgone, ch'i, prana and many other names. Almost each culture has its own name for it.
I'll now try to explain the four layers, which I propose, are all essential for true health.

1. Genetic Layer
The role of genetics are grossly overestimated by regular medicine. Regular medicine tries to convince people that their diseases are truly caused by ''defective genes''. This would mean you won't be able to cure the disease and that you would need to use medication for the rest of your life. Please remember the pharmaceutical industry
is worth more than a trillion dollars worldwide.
A more rational view on genetics accepts that some people are more prone to develop certain diseases. But this doesn't mean at all that this person should develop this disease: Only when we ''disobey'' our genes and start eating an unnatural diet (bread, sugars, potatoes, candy, sweets, soy, corn) we indeed might develop one or more diseases with a certain probability. One person's genes can resist an unnatural diet slightly better than another person's genetic make-up.

2. Physical (mineral) Layer
Our physical health depends very much on the minerals in our body. We need many different minerals in our body, in the right ratio's.
Many babies are already born with insufficient minerals in their small bodies. That's because the mother isn't eating enough minerals to start with.
Mothers often complain of dental decay and of mental disease (like depressions) after they've given birth. That's because the mineral stores are almost empty: The baby needed a lot of minerals.
The biggest fault of the Western Diet (Standard American Diet) is that it's very low in minerals and vitamins and that it causes high blood sugars, which then cause the flushing out of minerals.
Combined with the genetic layer, we can already build a nice model: Some people's genes make a person more prone to develop malabsorption problems in the intestines.
Once malabsorption starts, a vicious cycle is initiated. Minerals are needed to make the enzymes and the cells that absorp the foods.
With a low amount of minerals, the digestion suffers, less minerals and vitamins are absorbed, the mineral stores get even lower, etc.

3. Astrology Layer
My brother has studied astrology extensively and the results are amazing to say the least.
There is an almost exact relation between the setting of the stars and planets at birthtime and the personality, emotions, physical build of a person.
It even goes farther: Once astrology gets more advanced it can predict the course of life of a person: Which diseases might the person develop, what kind of problems (lessons) will he be confronted with, even the death-cause might be predicted.
Please don't think of astrology by looking at the simple horoscopes on the internet and in the magazines. These are true nonsense and should possibly even be forbidden as they give astrology a really bad name.
To make a decent horoscope of a person, you need the exact time and date he was born, down to the minute. Furthermore you need the exact location where he/she was born.
Otherwise it's impossible to exactly determine how the stars were set at that exact time and place.
Once you take into account all these details, you can create quite detailed profiles.
Please note that astrology is based on experiences of thousands of cases. Research is still continuing and more and more detailed horoscopes become possible over time.
The stars influence a person's life very much. It maps weak spots on a person's body, but also emotional weakspots, vulnerability to drug abuse and many other things.

4. Emotional Layer
The emotional layer is a very important layer.
After birth all your energy channels in your body function near at 100% efficacy. When we grow up, we develop trauma's. For example: A loved one dies. These trauma's are very difficult to process.
A common solution (which isn't a good solution at all) to overcome the pain, is to make yourself (your physical body) believe that what happened was actually *good* for you. This ofcourse isn't the case, but by doing so, you can suppress the pain.
The emotional pain is then buried deep inside the body. There it blocks the free flow of energies. Wilhelm Reich called these blockades the Emotional Armors. He used the word ''armor'' to indicate that they protect you from the pain. The point is that for complete emotional sanity of we need a free flow of life energy or orgone. With these armors intact, your body sends out frequencies of the trauma and like a magnet you attract similar events.
Our organs also need life energy to function correctly. An example: Suppose you experience a specific trauma which is mapped to your intestines in your physical body. This trauma is than burried inside the body near the intestines.
The intestines then don't get the life energy they need and they start to malfunction. Absorption gets worse and now we can see an effect in the physical layer. When we were genetically prone to maldigestion, or our horoscope showed weak points near the intestines, the problems would even get worse ofcourse.
Dr. Hamer made a complete chart that maps different trauma's to each unique trauma-location in the body.
Using Reich's words: The chart shows which emotional armor's end up in which place in the physical body.

Some interrelations between the layers
Physicial layer --> Emotional layer:
When the brains don't get their essential nutrients, depression and other mental illness might be the result and this has drastic effects on our emotions.

Emotional layer --> Physical layer:
When we suppress emotions and trauma's, the life energy channels in our body get blocked. The organs however depend on this energy for their health. Once the organs start to work less well, this impacts the physical (mineral) layer.

Genetic layer --> Physical layer --> Emotional layer:
When our ancestors never ate cow milk, and we disobey our genes by eating cow milk, negative effects happen in the physical layer which then causes negative effects in the emotional layer.

Astrology layer --> Physical layer
Depending on the original setting of the planets and stars during our birth, the planets and stars each affect our physical body.

Astrology layer --> Emotional layer
Depending on the original setting of the planets and stars during our birth, the planets and stars each affect our emotions.


Fixed layers:
The astrology and genetic layer are more or less fixed and don't change much during this life/incarnation.
Dynamic layers:
The physical layer and emotional layer change according to the events in our life and the way we care for our physical body.

4 layers ? 1 energy layer
In fact it's just 1 layer. Remember what Einstein discovered: All matter is energy E=MC2. Our physical body is made up of minerals, but minerals themselves are condensed forms of energy and each mineral has its own vibrational frequency. Every thought, every emotions is also energy on a specific frequency. Each star and planet emits energies on differente frequencies. So it all sums up to 1 layer: The energetic layer.

More on Reich's emotional armors:

More on Hamer's New Medicine:

Revision 1, 21 december 2003
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