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Ketosis and the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization RBTI

Thursday, February 05 2004 - Filed under: General


I just reasoned that the RBTI might not be applicable perfectly when a person is following a low-carb diet.
When a person is on a low carbohydrate diet which restricts the overall carbohydrate intake below 30-50 grams per day, ketosis (depends on the person's chemistry) is a probable result.

I just found this study which states:
>Results: Urine pH decreased from
>6.09 (Usual) to 5.56 (Induction; P < 0.01) to 5.67
>Urinary calcium levels increased
>from 160 mg/d (3.99 mmol/d) to 258 mg/d (6.44 mmol/d; P < 0.001)
>to 248 mg/d (6.19 mmol/d; P < 0.01). This increase in urinary calcium
>levels was not compensated by a commensurate increase in fractional
>intestinal calcium absorption. Therefore, estimated calcium balance
>decreased by 130 mg/d (3.24 mmol/d; P < 0.001) and 90 mg/d
>(2.25 mmol/d; P < 0.05).

So, during ketosis, calcium is lost in the urine and lots of acids are excreted in the urine, which results in a sharp decrease of pH.

I am a strong proponent of low carbohydrate diets: This diet has given me back my life and most of my health (I used to have crohn's disease and hypoglycemia).
I already discovered myself that it's not wise and healthy to eat excessive amounts of proteins. Also I learned that ketosis isn't a nice state to be in, in the long term. However, I often forget to eat enough carbohydrates and that's probably why my urine pH seems to be low most of the time and why it would make large jumps when I would eat enough carbs again. Perhaps it's also the reason of my high saliva/liver pH levels (above 7.0 most of the time, urine between 6.1 and 6.3)..
Also, loosing calcium in the urine won't do much good to my calcium pH buffering capabilities.

I'm now eating according to The Homo Optimus Diet guidelines. This diet is invented and researched by Dr. Kwasniewski from Poland.
More than a million people from Poland are eating this way already and the diet is so high in minerals, high-quality proteins and high-quality fats it has healed people's many diseases, including M.S., intestinal diseases, diabetes, and even diabetes I: People have stopped using insulin altogether.
The one thing I did wrong with this diet is that I forgot to eat enough carbohydrates.

So, that's what I will do from now on. Let's see how my RBTI figures change..
I'll let you know the results..

The Netherlands

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