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Electrosmog sensitivty and ketosis

Thursday, February 05 2004 - Filed under: General

I just discovered something interesting. I think I now know why I'm so sensitive to electrosmog and how eating a low-carbohydrate aggravates the symptoms.

First of all:
High frequency radiation alters the way the calcium channels work in the body. It also opens up the blood-brain barrier, which should be closed all the time to prevent bacteria and viri from entering the brain and causing for example brain infections.
Calcium is a very important mineral in the functioning of neurons, muscles and virtually all body processes. For example: When calcium enters the cells of the pancreas, it will release insulin. When electrosmog causes the calcium channels to be upset, such that high levels of calcium can flow into the pancreas, it will cause the pancreas the overshoot insulin. The same applies to the heart: It will cause irregular heart beats as calcium in the heart cells causes it to contract. Idem for muscles: It causes spasms. For the brain neurons, something worse happens: They fill start to ''fire'' until neuron death ensues. The method of action is the same as with aspartame and other neurotoxins.

I just discovered the reason why low-carb diets cause aggravation of electrosmog sensitivity: Due to ketosis, more calcium is release in the blood to counteract the acidity of the ketone bodies. This extra calcium, combined with the upset calcium channels *and* the shut down brain-blood filter causes big problems: Brain fogs, extreme tiredness, and several other physical symptoms will be the result.

Update January 2007: the Mercury factor
It's even more complex. Now I know that electrosmog sensitivity in fact is caused by mercury toxicity there is a much better explanation. A high-fat diet boosts the detox processes in the body and mercury is released from the tissues. Mercury in the thyroid causes an upset calcium regulation in the body. Mercury that's released from the brain causes the brain fogs. Mercury can also cause extreme tiredness. In fact mercury poisoning is probably the main cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. So, when you have a mercury problem and you eat foods high in calcium and/or are in ketosis, then mercury/calcium problems can arise much easier. Without the mercury there would be no problem at all.

Here is the article:

So, it becomes more clear why Kwasniewski says to use at least a minimal ammount of carbohydrates each day: If you don't do that, ketosis will be the result and then all above symptoms and more might be the result.. Here's a nice 7-day diet plan of Kwasniewski's Optimal diet:

Alas, I can't digest starches, so I have to look at fruits to maintain an ample supply of carbohydrates to prevent ketosis.

From today on, I will take extra meassures to ensure I eat enough carbohydrates, about 50 grams per day, instead of the 0 to 20 grams a day I often eat.

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