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Hypoglycemia, Low-carbohydrate diet impossible: Brain needs 200 grams of glucose ? Not !

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

It's true that everybody has *learned* that the brain needs about 200grams of glucose.
In fact it does need some, but those can be synthesized from proteins. It's at least much less than the 200 grams which most people will tell you..
I think it's about 30 grams..
Fact is that the brain likes fats a lot better. I can eat zero carbs and lots of fats and feel more bright and energetic than when I eat carbs..
I can't find the studies right now, but they are somewhere in my archive of studies:

I think it's somewhere on this site:

The problem in this case is that he still eats too many carbohydrates.
When he eats those, his blood sugar levels start to rise.
Because he's insulin resistant, his cells can't consume the glucose and his blood sugar levels stay very high. Over time the cells start to react to the insulin and all of a sudden
the blood sugar levels plumet to levels below wellbeing: Hypoglycemia..

Normally, when you keep on eating carbohydrates throughout the day, say every two hours, your blood sugar levels will stay high throughout the day.
No nasty hypoglycemia symptoms.. Until night comes and you fall asleep.. During sleep you can't eat more carbohydrates and nocturnal hypoglycemia is the result..
Also be wary of the hyperglycemia symptoms: The glucose binds to proteins and destroys them in the process. This will eventually destroy your heart and other nerves and blood
vessels in your body.. This also causes the eye problems..

The *only* way to overcome these symptoms is by eliminating almost all carbohydrates from the diet. Because even small amounts, like in a tomato will cause hyperglycemia and
thus, over time hypoglycemia. You will think it's because of the steak (with 0 carbs in it), but instead it's because of the tomatoes (or any other carb-food) you ate a couple of
hours ago.. Tomato is a fruit by the way..
It's a vicious cycle.. The only way to break it is by eating a max of 30 grams of carbohydrates daily... I've experimented a lot, but I have to conclude it's the truth..

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