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Factors for health

Saturday, May 22 2004 - Filed under: General

Instead of focusing on what you should eat, it's better to focus on the goals. You can then implement the diet/lifestyle of your choice, as long as it meets the criteria for health.

Factors for health:
* Healthy intestines that can properly digest and absorb foods, but also have a proper detoxification function.
* A strong liver
* Low insulin levels in the blood
* Low bloodsugar levels in the blood
* Low saltlevels in the blood

Important criteria for the diet
* Enough fat in the diet to at least feed the nervous system, the glands and the brains
* Enough high quality protein in the diet to regenerate tissue
* Enough vitamins in the diet

--> Only eat foods your body can digest and absorb and which don't hurt the intestines or hinder digestion
This leaves out grains, cow dairy, soy, legumes
Ancient less toxic grains processed in the original ways like sprouting can perhaps be used in moderation.
Sprouting reduces anti-nutrients in grains, but some will remain and also the bad fat profile and the gluten (glue) proteins stay intact probably.

The liver
--> Only eat foods that are compatible with your liver strength
When the liver is in poor shape, please stay away from heavy foods like red meats and nuts. With a poor liver, the stomach acids, bile acids, protease enzymes are weak.
First allow the liver to regenerate by feeding it easy to digest foods. Especially use chicken broth, egg yolks, 24-hour fermented goat yogurt and cream
When the liver gets stronger and stronger you can start to introduce more heavy foods like well-cooked red meats, nut butters and eventually you can eat all meats and nuts, even in the raw form.
Hydrochloric acid with pepsin supplements are a great way to help boost the liver. Also lemon water as used in the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization feeds the liver.

Insulin and bloodsugar levels
--> Only eat foods which don't give insulin spikes
This leaves out all refined carbohydrate foods like sugars, candies, breads.
With some people, depending on the sugar regulation, this might also mean no sweet fruits. Stick to the low-carb fruits like red and purple berries, strawberries, etc.
A Brix refractometer used on the urine is a perfect tool to monitor average blood sugar level. Try to keep it far below 5 brix% and preferably below 2%, but above 1.3%.

To be finished/updated as time permits

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