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Very nice study that shows that low-carb, high saturated fat diet, decreases triglycerides and cholesterol !

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

>Here's a study which sounds like the SCD (lowish carb) helping

Hi Steven,

This is a very inreresting article.
This once again shows that cholersterol and saturated fats are no problem at all in the diet..
The results are really nice, especially because they've compared it to the ADA Diet..

The ADA diet is really bad, by the way..
This is what they did:

First they had a fobidden foods list on which white sugar was listed.
Then, new studies showed that potatoes were even worse for the blood sugar (per gram of food the blood sugar rises faster).
A normal response would be to remove the potatoes from the allowed list and put it on the fobidden list
Instead, they take sugar from the forbidden list and put it on the allowed list !
This really shows that the food industry has a lot to say in the ADA.
They very much wouldn't like to see all sugar- or potato-containing food become forbidden for diabetics..

I have one note..
Although the study shows an impressive improvement in cholesterol and triglycerides, they only state that there is a tendency to reduce hypoglycemia.
The only *real* diabetic diet would be the *real* low-carb diet. This means: Only veggies, and only low-carb veggies. No fruits allowed.
At least that's the only way I (and many others) can control my blood sugar levels. My blood sugar levels are rock solid (I'm hypoglycemic, in fact that's diabetis II).
I'm on the 30 grams veggie-carb only SCDiet as proposed by Dr. Bernstein. Before I read the book I already came to the same conclusion: More than 30g causes hyper- and
later on hypoglycemia.

They also state that ketosis is not good. I also disagree with that. Ketoacidosis is not good. This happens in a diabetic who is low on insulin. When insulin is low in the blood, it's
antagonist, glucagon is produced. Glucagon causes lipolysis (fat-burning). Ketones are produced which acidify the blood. The ketones are normally excreted in the urine.
When the person is still eating lots of carbs, the excess sugars must be excreted in the urine. The body gets dehydrated. There is not enough water left in the body to excrete
the ketones and blood acidity increases to dangerous heights..
So what I mean to say: Ketosis is not a problem at all.
What IS dangerous is a combination of : Ketosis because of extremely low insulin levels + High Carb

Dr. Bernstein says to use a long-lasting insulin dose (for diabetics I, most diabetics II don't need any insulin anymore on this diet) in the morning, which lasts all day and thereby
makes sure there is no excess lipolysis and ketosis.
Combined with the low-carb regimen, there is no danger in eating lowcarb or in being in ketosis, because it can't result in ketoacidosis.

Anyway, the study is really nice.. I've added it to my online archive on

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