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XTC and Parkinson's disease

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General

Yesterday I saw a documentary on Parkinson's disease. I learned that
Parkinson's disease on its own causes extreme stiffness of the joints..
The drugs that are prescribed (artificial dopamine) cause the
uncontrolled arm/body movements.. (I used to think that Parkinson
caused the uncontrolled movements)..
They were following a guy suffering from Parkinsons's disease. He uses
dopa. Although the symptoms were really bad, he still kept on going to
parties with his friends..
One night he took XTC (ecstacy) and noticed he had regained full
control of his movements.. Next, two researchers did a double-blind
study on him where they gave him XTC or a placebo and the results were
reproducable. This was enough evidence for them, even though it was
only one person. They are know trying to find a drug that mimics the
positive actions of XTC, but not the negative side effects..

I admire these two researchers.. Imagine this:
The guy who suffers from parkinsons goes to his physician and tells him
the XTC makes him feel in control again.
Then the physician answers: Well, you can try what you want, but
there's no proof that XTC helps for Parkinson's. It's just a temporary
reduction of symptoms.

Analogy: A guy suffering from crohn's goes to his physician and tells
him the SCDiet makes him healthy again.
Then the physican answers: Well, you can try what you want, but there's
no proof that there is any relation between food and crohn's. It's just
a temporary reduction of symptoms. He thinks: How can this layman know
anything about the subject, when I've studied more than eight years..

What must have happened for real is that the physician has contacted
the two researchers...
These researchers are now working on a new drug. They do this because
they've seen the results with their own eyes.
They don't say: The results must be disregarded, because a good double
blind study should enroll at least 100, preferably 300 people..

I really needed to see this, because in my opinion regular medicine is
turned into a big mess. Like someone wrote before: The only thing they
can do right is sewing arms and legs back to someone's body. This
documentary showed me that they're at least doing *something* positive.

>ed: where did you find this documentary?

It was broadcasted on Dutch television..

The original BBC Transcript can be found here:

Hope this helps..

Greetings from the Netherlands,

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