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Mercury heavy metal intoxication, diagnosis and treatment

Wednesday, July 20 2005 - Filed under: General

I'm currently investigating mercury intoxication, its diagnosis and the treatment and I've run into some very interesting and also shocking articles.

First of all, mercury seems to cause CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) in some people: . This is very interesting. I don't think that each and every person with high mercury levels will get CFS, probably only a very small fraction. Perhaps a mercury allergy (melissa test can reveal this) in combination with high mercury levels can cause this.

I think I might be suffering from mercury intoxication because my symptoms are much like the symptoms on this page:

But just looking at symptoms can't show if you have a condition yes or no. I was led to believe I might have mercury intoxication because of the following experiences:

Each time I use any of the following supplements/things I get specific symptoms:

* Chlorella (chelates mercury)
* MSM (its sulfur chelates mercury)
* Vitamin C (chelates mercury, when used in large doses)

The symptoms are:
Muscle tremors, tingling sensations, brain fog, difficulties concentrating, lowered IQ, nervousness, irritability, bouts of anger.

Furthermore, I also noticed that physicial activity can cause these symptoms and also strong probiotics. Physicial activity releases toxins in the body and probiotics kill candida and other yeasts/fungi in the bowel which then release mercury (candida ''eats'' and retains mercury).

Well, I decided to the test, especially since chlorella caused the symptoms and I did a DMPS provocation test in which the urine mercury level before and after is tested.

Well, DMPS after all seems a very dangerous drug, it's not even approved by the FDA and can cause extreme symptoms. Here is an entire site on that subject, . Even the 300mg oral dose can cause devastating effects.
I personally noticed that the symptoms reached extreme levels and I got heart arythmia, pain on the chest, anxiety, nausea, coordnination trouble and extreme brain fog. Some time later my kidneys started to hurt quite a bit.

DMPS: Take extreme caution, it's a dangerous drug
Do your research before taking it. NEVER EVER take it when you have silver/mercury fillings in your mouth, because the DMPS also reaches the mouth and will draw the mercury directly from the fillings, causing acute mercury intoxication. Read this story for more info:

Yesterday I received the results: My mercury levels are a bit high 11.7 ppb (parts per billion) after the DMPS and 0.1 ppb before the DMPS oral dose.

OK.. I'm now still doing research on safe ways to get rid of the mercury. DMPS is out of the question. I prefer to have some kidneys for the remaineder of my life.

EDTA is quite dangerous also, because there have been reports which indicate that it caused the mercury to enter the brain, causing Alzheimer disease. So beware!

Here are some interesting articles, I advice you to read if you consider to detox mercury:

UPDATE March 2006:
Go to and get the book. It's the best book on this topic and the protocol he describes is without the question the best and the safest way to chelate mercury.... I leave all the links below as they are, but I do not advise to use them.

Obsolete links, please use Andrew Cutlers books from
A doctor's more than 10 years experience with chelating mercury
(please note, it's written by the founder of BioRay, which sells the NDF product)

This one is nice to read too:
A compilation of DMPS-related posts in a forum:
DMPS backfire website

Two products which seem to work quite well:
NDF (nanonized chlorella, seems to work quite well, but is expensive)
PCA-Rx Toxin Removal and Cleansing (also quite expensive)

More on NDF and where to buy:

That's it for now. I will let you know more when I know more.

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