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COOL: SCDiet Computer Game

Thursday, January 17 2002 - Filed under: General


I told you some time ago about an idea I had about an SCDiet game.
The brief game design is presented here:

I first thought I wouldn't have the time to make it.. It involves a lot
of programming..
Although I am studying computer science and have some experience, it's
still a lot of work..
Especially because I would have to programm all low-level game-handling
(moving pictures, sounds, etc, etc)..

Well, it all changed when I checked which courses I would follow next
Then I saw a course called ''Game Design''.. That's interesting..
Then I saw that the teacher has made an entire program, called the
''Game Maker'', with which you can design games in a very simple way..
It involves little programming. All one has to do is some dragging and
dropping and ofcourse designing the pictures and recording sounds.

When I've finished translating BTVC into Dutch, I will make the SCDiet
If I decide to follow the course, I would have to make a game anyway,
so then I have one at hand.
I think it might have a very positive impact, because the game
demonstrates in a nice fashion how our digestion works and what goes
wrong and how the SCD can overcome this.

If you're interested in designing games, check this page.. It's
completely royalty-free, so you can make freeware games or you can even
sell your game..

Lots of free games, created with Game Maker can be found here:
Some of them are really great.

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