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Interesting info on fructose, insulin and malabsorption

Saturday, January 19 2002 - Filed under: General

I am neither a holistic nutritionist or a physician, but I have looked
into fructose metabolism a little.

Fructose is absorbed much slower than glucose or galactose in the small
intestine. Those are the three simple sugars (one ring sugars). It
apparently has a different transport mechanism than the other two
sugars. It also causes a much smaller insulin response than the other
two sugars.

OTOH, fructose also gets malabsorbed easily. If you consume about
50 grams of fructose (two cans of Sprite or Coke on an empty stomach),
you will get malabsorption symptoms. These will consist of
extra hydrogen in your breath, and additional water in the lumen
of your intestines, which can lead to distension and diarrhea in
extreme cases. So I would recommend against going to fructose in
any large scale move.

But combining fructose with other foods in a meal is probably a
wise idea.

Another consideration is insulin resistance. It has been shown that
pure fructose feedings cause insulin resistance, which is exactly
what you want to avoid. Supplementation with magnesium in rats
has been shown to pre-empt the insulin resistance that normally
accompanies fructose feedings. So if you do decide to make a move
towards additional fructose feedings, Mg supplements may be a wise

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