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Thoughts on treating cancer with the newest info available

Wednesday, January 23 2002 - Filed under: General

>This question is for Ed or whomever wants to answer.
>Read your note about cancer cells being starved by eating a high fat diet. i
>have a friend who has had breast cancer in both breasts with the last 1 1/2
>years. She is now searching for dietary ''help''. i have tried to encourage
>her with the low carb style of eating. She says all the dr.'s say to eat low
>fat though. She wants to know where this information is coming from that
>says eat low carb. She is open to reading about it. She purchased leo
>Cordian's book ''paleo diet'. But that seems too extreme for her. Can you
>recommend anything she can read with the low carb, cancer connection. i have
>life without bread. i could lend her that. Or even an internet site she can
>see this in writing.... Thanks --- J.

Hi J.,

I think the life without bread book is a good start..
If she's willing to put some time in it she can get through the
technical parts of the book..
It's very well written, I think..

Some resources on the internet:
Press treating diseases and then cancer for a list of studies on this

Also check David Gregg's site on treating cancer.
It supplements the low-carb diet by boosting aerobic metabolism even
He uses mineral and vitamin supplements to make sure the cells get all
nutrients and *oxygen* they need.
This enables the cells to turn back to healthy eukaryotic, aerobic
cells. This shift is very important.
Even though the cell is permanently damaged, the telemer mechanism is
now enabled again. This is the self-destruct mechanism that's built in
every healthy cell. Over time all (some exceptions) cells are recycled
in the human body. Cancer cells do not have this telemer mechanism and
only grow, and grow and grow until there are no resources left and the
subject dies.

The goal of this treatment is to create a perfect environment for all
healthy eukaryotic cells in the body. This will guarantee they will
stay healthy and get enough oxygen so they won't shift into cancerous
cells. Remember the experiment with the petri-dish: No oxygen -->
Cancerous.. Not enough vitamin C or a combination of vitamins will
also cause the cell to turn cancerous. All human cells (some small
exceptions again) thrive on fats. No single cancerous cells thrives on
fats. So go for a very high fat diet. Eat a lot of macadamia's, coocnut
oil and fatty foods. I think meats are OK. Most people say no to meats
because they (especially red meats) contain glutamine, which boosts
cancer cell division. However, when there's not enough food (glucose)
for the cancercells I don't think this would have much impact.

Most current diets focus on eating many fruits and vegetables and
vegatable juices, etc. I think you should not do this. Although the
fruits contain some aerobic boosters, like antioxidants and other
vitamins, they also contain a big evil: Glucose. Live without fruits is
no problem at all. I haven't eaten fruits for more than half a year.
Also Dr. Bernstein hasn't eaten any fruits for more than 30 years.
Besides: The supplements from David Gregg contain such massive amounts
(and broad-spectrum) vitamins and minerals that there is no need for
eating fruits. Only eat the low-carb vegetables. Did you know that
brocolli and cauliflower are very rich in vitamins. Perhaps even richer
than most oranges..

Beware that this treatment has not been tested before (although one or
two people successfully use David's treatment to cure their cancer,
which was beyond hope of recovery).. I do know for sure that this is
what I will do if I will get cancer, but I seriously doubt if I could
get cancer, because I'm already on a very low-carb diet. (Besides that
I also don't think I would ever need to go to the dentist, because the
bacteria in ones mouth feed on glucose to produce the acids that
destroy the teeth.)
I think the low-carb diet might also be effective because it reduces
sex hormone production to normal levels. The elevated estrogen levels
might be the cause of many cases of breast cancer in women and prostate
cancer in men.

Be sure to read this study:
>This is a document that I had meant to send quite a while back, but had forgotten. It's an interesting study that compares two techniques for tumor growth inhibition. The first case is by administered insulin injections. The second is via a ketogenic diet.
>The outcome is quite staggering to think about. In both cases, the tumor growth was inhibited. This basically means that if you can depelete sugar from the blood (IE: with low-carb dieting, or extra intra-venous insulin) you can, as this experiment showed, slow tumor growth significantly (possibly completely).
>This is to be expected, because tumors use anaerobic metabolism and feed on sugars. The added benefit of the ketogenic diet, as the article points out, is that the animals not only depleted ''carcass fat'', but they also became less catabolic, and maintained muscle weight. (they maintained nitrogen balance). This, of course, didn't happen with the insulin..

>Br J Cancer 1989 May;59(5):677-681
>Effect of insulin on weight loss and tumour growth in a cachexia model.
>Beck SA, Tisdale MJ
>Pharmaceutical Sciences Institute, Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
>A comparison has been made between the effects of daily insulin injection and a ketogenic diet on weight loss and tumour weight in an experimental model of cancer cachexia (MAC16). Weight loss associated with the MAC16 tumour was significantly reduced both by a ketogenic diet (80% MCT) and by daily insulin injections without an increase in either food or water consumption. Animals fed the 80% MCT diet had a significantly reduced tumour weight compared with controls fed a normal laboratory diet, while in animals administered 20 U insulin kg-1 day-1 the tumour weight was 50% greater than in saline infused controls. The stimulation of tumour growth by insulin was counteracted by the inclusion of 3-hydroxybutyrate in the drinking water without any alteration in the extent of weight loss. Depletion of both carcass fat and muscle dry weight in animals bearing the MAC16 tumour was reversed in animals administered either insulin or an 80% MCT diet. Animals bearing the MAC16 tumour ha!
d a reduced nitrogen balance com
pared with non-tumour-bearing controls, mainly due to excess urea excretion, and this was reversed towards control values in animals fed an 80% MCT diet, but not in animals administered insulin. These results suggest that a ketogenic diet is more effective than insulin administration in reversing the cachectic process and has the advantage of a concomitant reduction in tumour weight.
>PMID: 2736199, UI: 89287233

* Go to low-carb diet by eliminating grains, potatoes, rice, corn, all
sugar-containing goods (this is already a very important step)
* Go even lower-carb by also eliminating fruits and high-carb
* Eat high quality fats like coconut oil, olive oil, butter (you'll be
amazed by what small amounts you need to get through the day)
* Eat primarily white meats and fish (red meats contain more glutamine,
but I doubt it would be a problem.. To be safe stick to the white
* Order the Krysalis Sparx and the Aerobic boost from David Gregg's
* Use a large daily dose of these supplements
* Try to exercise often, as this reduses glucose availability to the
cancerous cells even more
* Read the entire article on David Gregg's site on cancer and try to do
as many things as possible.
* Expect your doctor to see this treatment as completely ridiciolous.
He won't understand it... Study as hard as possible so he won't be able
to convince you it's the wrong treatment.

Disclaimer: Although I firmly believe this is the best treatment for
cancer there is at this time, I can't ofcourse be blamed if it doesn't
work out. I don't know how far the cancer has progressed already. Also,
use this treatment in combination with regular treatments. But be sure
to not overdo regular treatments. My aunt died of the results of the
treatment for breast cancer, not the breast cancer itself. They did a
chemo-therapy *AND* radiation-therapy at the same time and she couldn't
handle that.. I feel so sad: That was just a few months before I
discovered the SCDiet and David Gregg's site. Also be sure not to use
HGH Human Growth Hormone supplements, because these will cause rapid
cancer growth (if you're still on a high-carb diet)..

If you decide to follow this treatment, do it as quickly as possible.
Every day counts..

I wish you and your friend the best of luck..

Please let me know the results,

The Netherlands

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