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How Vitamin K is related to calcium metabolism

Saturday, February 09 2002 - Filed under: General

This is concerning your quest with Calcium.
Have you ever investigated Vitamin K?

''Vitamin K participates in the conversion of 10-12 glutamic acid
residues in precursor coagulation proteins (eg, prothrombin
precursor) to their active forms (eg, prothrombin) by the addition of
carbon dioxide (carboxylation; see Fig. 3-2). This addition increases
the affinity of glutamic acid residues for calcium, which is
essential for coagulation and the modulation of calcium uptake in
''Imagine a vitamin that could keep calcium in bones and out of

''the chief source of vitamin K is synthesis by bacteria in the large

''Intestinal disease: diseases that result in lipid malabsorption in
the small intestine can lead to defects in absorption of vitamin K,
as discussed above for liver....''

All about Vitamin K:

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