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Large list of all factors that affect calcium metabolism

Monday, February 11 2002 - Filed under: General

I'm making this list, because my serum calcium is way too high (150%, where 0%=minimum ref. value and 100%=max ref value).

Factors that affect absorption
Vitamin D increases calcium absorption

Factors that affect bone mineralisation
Vitamin K needed for bone mineralisation
Silica/Silicon needed for bone mineralisation

Magnesium is a calcium antagonist
Phosphorous is a stronger calcium antagonist

Hormonal influences
Thyroid hormone produces an acute increase in calcium uptake by the heart
Calcitonin (thyroid hormone) increases bone mineralisation, decreases serum calcium
Anaerobic exercise increases calcitonin (thyroid hormone)
Aerobic exercise increases adrenal hormone production

Calmodulin is an intracellular enzyme, that produces nitric oxide (NO) when activated by calcium.
High serum calcium, low calcium channel blockers --> Calcium influx --> calmodulin activation ---> nitric oxide production --> adrenal suppression and thyroid suppression --> even more NO production because of hyper immune system because of low adrenal function

Calcium channel blockers:
Magnesium and manganese Mg2+, Mn2+ (and La3+, Cd2+)

Factors that increase urinary calcium excretion
High protein diet
Immobility (exercise increases calcitonin)

This page listst many more factors:

Even more info:


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