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Cancer, what have we gained since 1950 ?

Sunday, March 17 2002 - Filed under: General


I'm writing an article on cancer and am studying different resources.
I just read an article that stated that the death rates of cancer
hadn't increased since the fifties of last century..
Well, I couldn't believe that (even though it was written by a Dr.) and
decided to research this myself..

Please take a look at these statistics, that show the cancer death
rates (per 100,000 population, age-adjusted).
You'll be shocked to see that the cancer death rates among men have
risen from 145 to 205 (USA,nonwhite) in these 50 years. An increase of
more than 41% !
Among white Americans the increase was less dramatic: A rise from 139
to 157. An increase of 13%. I wonder what causes these dramatic
differences ? Improved health care that can only be paid by white
Americans ?

''Older people are at greater risk of dying from cancer than younger people, so perhaps this is just a matter of age distribution

In the 19th century and before, ?life expectancy? (most probable number of years of life remaining) was shorter than now, which defends the idea. At birth, LE was 47 years in 1900, and 77 years in 2000, a big change. But much of this difference is due to infant mortality. Life expectancies as of age 10 are not that different. Rates of childhood death don?t matter much in cancer biology''

The Netherlands are among the countries with the highest male cancer
death rates. Interestingly, Israel is the only country that managed to
get a lower death rate than 50 years ago..
I wonder what these figures would look like if we would still have to
same diagnostic devices and treatments as in the fifties.. I wouldn't
be surprised to see that cancer death rates would then have doubled !

Interestingly, the figures for females are completely different. Japan
and Spain have very low death rates among women, only 77-78 per
Please take a look at these figures:

The line charts are very interesting and show big differences..

For example: Cancer of the skin develops twice as often in New Zealand
and Australia.
Japanese women die seven times less often of breast cancer than English
France has high rates of cancer of the lip, oral cavity and pharynx.

With some more statistics and some datamining, we might get very
interesting results.
For example, wouldn't it be interesting to plot the death rate of lung
cancer in the same graph with the percentage of the people that smoke.
Or, to plot the refined carbohydrate content of the diet next to the
cancer death rates ?
The problem ofcourse is that there are many factors that also influence
cancer death rates, like new treatments, etc..

I also found some other figures that show that Men have a 1-in-2
lifetime risk of developing cancer; for women, the risk is 1-in-3.

I also discovered that in 1900, the cancer death rate was only 64 per
100,000 Americans. So, this rate has nearly trippled in a century.

What happened in the 20th century ? We started to eat more and more
refined carbohydrates and less and less fats..
In the 1800's these figures were even a lot lower.. Since the end of
the 19th century, more and more refined foods were introduced, like
refined beetsugar, the famous Coca Cola and the refined wheat flour..

Studies show that ketogenic diets (diets high in fat and low in
carbohydrates) *inhibit* cancer growth, so I think it's very probable
that the refined carbs *are* the cause of the high cancer death rates.
It works twofold: The refined carbs cause fluctuating blood sugar
levels, which creates a perfect feeding ground for cancerous cells and
secondly, the immune system is blocked when blood sugar levels are
high. The absense of good fats in the diet also prevent proper
functioning of the immune system.
Even worse, when we assume that cancer might be caused by viruses (as
Rife and Hulda Clark say), the high carb diet would create a safe haven
for these viruses..
The study that shows that a ketogenic diet inhibits tumor growth:

My unfinished cancer article can be found here:

If you're interested in the leading causes of death from 1981-1998,
presented in nice charts, please take a look at this site:

Did you know that suicide is the 2nd cause of death for age group 25-34
And that HIV is the 5th cause of death for age group 35-44 ?

Malignant neoplasms (cancer) are the first death cause in the age group
from 35-64 years. At 65+, heart disease takes the lead, with cancer as
the close 2nd.
We also know what causes heart disease: This same sad SAD (Standard
American Diet)...

I've also been thinking about the recent voting of the European
Parliament Members. Are these votings public ? Is it possible to get a
list of names of people that voted *YES* (like in: Yes, I received a
nice bribe from the Codex !) ?

I think the media are also controlled by the Codex, because I haven't
seen any article in the Dutch newspapers or on the news on what
happened the 13th of March.. And, secondly, I think no single newspaper
has published the press release I sent to all national Dutch
newspapers.. Well, it was worth the try..
I'll just try all local newspapers next week.. Perhaps one of those
might publish it..

Thanks for reading,

The Netherlands

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