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Cashews, very powerful mineral supplements

Sunday, March 24 2002 - Filed under: General


I recently tried some cashews. A year ago (6 months SCD) I couldn't
tolerate them, but now (16 months SCD) it seems like I can tolerate
I was surprised to see that I felt a lot better after I ate those. I
tried it two other days and the same happened. It gets rid of the itchy
feeling I have some of the times.
I decided to check the cashews in the nutrient investigator ( ).

It seems like the cashew is a very powerful mineral supplement.
It contains:
A massive amount of magnesium, iron, phoshporous, potassium, zinc and
As a matter of fact it's in the top #5 rating with all these minerals
in the list of *all foods* in the nutrient investigator..

Values per 100g:
Ca 45 mg (a *very* nice Mg/Ca ratio !)
Mg 260 mg
Iron 6.0 mg
Phosphorus 490 mg
Potassium 565 mg
Zinc 5.6 mg
Copper 2.2 mg

I ate 200 grams of it yesterday and it made me feel really good for the
next hours:
Ca 90 mg
Mg 520 mg
Iron 12 mg
Phosphorus 980 mg
Potassium 1130 mg
Zinc 11.2 mg
Copper 4.4 mg

The question is, which mineral is causing this improvement ?
I'm already supplementing (or have supplemented) Mg and Zinc.. Calcium
is causing problems..
Because magnesium levels are so high (effectively doubling my daily Mg
dose), I will let it stay a candidate:

So that leaves:
Magnesium at 124% RDA
Iron at 120% RDA
Phosphorus at 122% RDA
Potassium 56% RDA
Copper 147% RDA

My potassium levels in the blood are already very, very high, so I
don't think potassium is causing the improvement..

So, it's either magnesium, iron, phosphorus or copper...

Or, it might be something completely else: The high carbohydrate
contents of cashews..
200 grams of cashews would yield 65 grams of carbohydrate. My total
carbohydrate would then peak at about 80-90 grams. I usually only eat
about 30 grams of carbohydrates a day..

But I think the mineral explanation is more probable..

If I check the other foods I eat that have comparable mineral levels, I
find that:
* There is no close competitor for the magnesium content of cashews.
The 2nd magnesium-food I eat often is macadamia nuts, but it contains
only 50%: 130mg vs 260mg.
* The 2nd iron-food is also macadamia, but it contains only 60% iron of
cashews: 3.7 vs 6.0.
* The 2nd-phosphorus-food is mackerel, which has 65% of the phosphorus
contents of cashews: 318 vs 490
* The 2nd-potassium-food is mackerel, which contains an almost
identical amount of potassium as cashews do
* The 2nd-copper-food is macadamia, which has only 34% copper contents
of cashews: 0.756 vs 2.220

So, the most probable candidates are:
1. Copper 147% RDA*
2. Magnesium at 124% RDA*
3. Iron at 120% RDA*
4. Phosphorus at 122% RDA*

* The percentages show how far the RDA is met when you eat 200 grams of

So, I should try to supplement these minerals one by one in to see
which one is causing the benefits..
An interesting experiment..

I suspect the magnesium, because calcium (the magnesium antagonist)
aggrevates my condition and mg-glycinate improves my condition.
Does anybody know if the magnesium in cashews is absorbed better than
the magnesium in a magnesium-glycinate supplement ? Or is it of a
higher bio-availability (elemental magnesium instead of Mg-amino) ?

Please let me know if you have any thoughts about this or comments..


The Netherlands

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