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Putting DMSO, antioxidants and SCDiet in perspective

Sunday, March 24 2002 - Filed under: General

Also, I sent a bottle to anonymous some time ago, who got a bad
flare after being ok for a long time..
The flare started after she took paracetamol.. I then discovered that
paracetamol causes a chain reaction involving free radicals.
Since DMSO fights the inflammation by stopping the free radical damage
(getting the iron out of the intestines by increasing transferrin
receptor sites and reacting with hydrogen peroxide to form H2O), I
asked her if she wanted to try it.. I then sent her a bottle and she
recently wrote me that it does seem to help...

But, on the other hand, the DMSO seems to be completely ineffective for
most people.
I think there exist two exclusively different vicious cycles.

The di/polysaccharides-->bacteria-->acids-->mucus-->intestinal
deterioration-->less digestion-->more di/polysaccharides for the
bacteria--->etc, etc
Fight this cycle by going on the SCDiet

The other cycle, which involves the Haber Weiss reaction, which forms
free radicals from hydrogen peroxide and iron ions can be fought off by
using DMSO. Another alternative is using high-potency antioxidants,
like vitamin C + bioflavanoids..
Check David Gregg's article for the DMSO info:
Check Dr. Ray Strand's article on the efficacy of proflavanol +

My advice is always to start with the SCDiet first. If that doesn't
help, go to the paleo-diet (no high carb fruits, no legumes) and if
problems still persist, and you're checked for C.Diff and other
microbes resistant to low-carb/specific carb diets, you might want to
try the DMSO.

More links and articles on the subject can be found here:

Good luck and let us know if it helps..

The Netherlands

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