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The poisons of our life

Sunday, May 26 2002 - Filed under: General

A short story to show which poisons are killing us and making us ill:

* All grains are major killers
* Potatoes and corn are major killers
* All refined sugars (beet, sugarcane, etc) kill before you know
* Vegetable Oils like soybean-oil, cornoil, etc are very unhealthy
* Pasteurized and Sterilized milk from ''industrial cows'' is very unhealthy (Real, Raw milk from original cows is healthy on the other hand)
* Legumes (beans like soy beans, etc)
* All fruit juices. They are way too high in sugar content and very low in fiber, antioxidant, vitamin and mineral content. They rip the body of vital vitamins and minerals
* All unnatural highly-glycemic fruits, when eaten in large amounts, like grapes, bananas, etc.

These highly-glyccmic fruits are very unnatural because men invented those. Nature only developed low-glycemic fruits like wild berries that have a very high fiber and antioxidant status and relatively low glucose/fructose content.

Just throw out all the foods above and stick to the low-glycemic fruits, lots of vegetables, nice portions of (if possible organic) meat and fish and nuts. Only use the following oils and fats:
Coconut oil, butter, olive oil and possibly nut oils.

That's about it... The simple truth lies in your hands.. How you use it is up to you.. On this diet it's virtually impossible to get any of the modern diseases like cancer, heart-diseases and brain problems..

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Remember, you must keep an open mind to regain or improve your health !

Good luck,

Let the health be with you,

The Netherlands

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